This Show is split into 5 Parts and you get given the parts each day after you start playing until the 5th day. On the 6th Day, Jirachi will take you to a total screening of it. Here's the guide:

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The mini movie starts off at night with Meowth, 3 Squirtles , Wobbuffet and Cubone looking over a city high above from a huge tower. Meowth then makes a declaration of throwing the biggest event of all time, then points a moon shaped brown paper with a fruit cut out in the center towards the sky. The OP then begins at day as Pichu and his brother run down the streets. A while later, Smoochum is looking at her refletion at a shop window and poses. As she does, however, she notices several Pokemon (Including Hitmonlee and Magmar) holding the same moon shaped papers. The scene then switches to Teddiursa as he's trying to eat several acorns inside a tree hole high above. However, his stuffed cheeks with the acorns in his mouth trap him. He then budges himself out, but falls off the tree in the process. Magby is then seen dodging several steam bursts from pipes, and Wooper is seen diving into a body of water. The camera then focuses on the group's home as the OP ends.

The group then meets up at home, with Smoochum being the last and explaining what she saw. One of the Pichu Bros wonders what's with the papers being moon shaped, so the entire group heads out to find out what's up.

Looking from the edge of a building, the group then notices the Pokemon that have these moon shaped papers. Teddiursa then notices the fruit shaped cut out in the center. He obviously knew that the fruit must equal to more and more fruit, but he still couldn't put together for what.

The group then decide to visit an Aipom and a Smeargle, who were, ironicly, dueling with their papers. The group asks the 2 what's going on with those papers, and Aipom explains, with Smeargle's paint brush, that these lead to a place that has tons of fruit. The group then goes ballistic with the sheer thought of tons of fruit, asking like mad WHERE this fruit was at. Once again using Smeargle's brush, Aipom points out that the location was near a certain clock. Magby immediatly recognizes this place, and the group heads out there.

It turns out this clock was right next to a huge tower, Which was the exact same one Meowth and his team were on. The group then sneaked inside the building, trying not to make any noise. The whole area seemed like a huge warehouse of sorts, and they eventually found the fruit. But as they dashed towards it, the 3 Squirtles we saw earlier stopped them. Cubone then comes in and explained that this fruit was for a invitational party only. The Squirtles then showed the group out the door. However, Teddiursa somehow managed to get pass the Squirtles. But as he was about to take one of the fruits, Wobbuffet suddenly pops out and scares Teddiusa away. The entire group was now completly depressed over the outcome of the events. When the 3 squirtles, Cubone and Wobbuffet walked back inside, however, Meowth quickly ran completly enraged, asking them what they were doing down here and shouting that they had to be ready for later on tonight.

Sitting by a short flight of stairs outside in the suburbs, the Pichu group was still depressed that they wouldn't get all that sweet fruit. But just then, a quick breeze passes by. One of the Pichu Bros then looks up and notices an invite fluttering in the air. He then darts off to follow it, with the group following suit.

Meanwhile, Meowth and Wobbuffet brings in the boxes of fruit when they notice that hardly anything is set up in the room at all. He shouts at the Squirtles to pick up the pace. But then, Meowth notices that Cubone is batting at the barrells like drums. Completly annoyed by this, Meowth shouts at him to shut up with that racket. Cubone's feelings are then shattered as he gets depressed. Meowth quickly panics, knowing that Cubone is his only drummer for his party, so he tries to reassure him that he didn't mean what he said and "That was a cute beat!" and "You can play as much as you want!". Cubone then gets happy once again and starts beating on the barrells, leaving Meowth with a slight headache.

Meanwhile, the Pichu Group was continuing to chase after the invite. But Smoochum is distracted when she notices her refletion at the same shop window. She combs her hair slightly and smiles at the job well done. Now without Smoochum, the group continues to chase after the invite as he fluttered high above a river. The Pichu Bros got on the rails of the nearby bridge, but Magby and Wooper accidently fall into the river. Magby starts a panic, but Wooper immediatly rescues him with his head, raising him above the water. Finally, Teddiursa also gets distracted as he notices an ice cream truck and runs straight at it.

The Pichu bros were now by themselves as they chased at the invite. They hopped on top of a car, then hopped off...on a sleeping Houndour. Angry, the Houndour scares the Pichu Bros and they attempt to run away. The Houndour then chases after the Pichu Bros.

Noticing that the group was nowhere to be found, Smoochum tried to find them. Suddenly, she then bumps into a depressed Oddish...

The Pichu Bros, meanwhile, continue to run away from Houndour. Losing him momentarily, one of the Pichu bros then notices several materials they could use as a disguise, looking at a nearby sign with a Piloswine on it. Now looking for the Pichu Bros, Houndour notices a supposive Piloswine next to a sign (Which is actually a disguise that the Pichu Bros are using). He gets right next to it, and starts sniffing it, which just gets the Pichu Bros nervous. They try to nudge away slowly, but Houndour puts his paw on the brown blanket. The Pichu Bros are exposed and the chase ensues.

The Bros continue to try to escape the Houndour, then run inside an industral building. Barely getting inside an elevator shaft, they looked on as Houndour glared at them. Both Bros gave a sigh of relief, as the elevator came to a stop. The Bros, now on top of the building, ran off to the ledge of the building, and seeing how high they were, fainted and lied down on the floor. But when they immediatly came to, they noticed the clouds, and noticed that one of the clouds looked like them. The bros smiled to each other as the looked up again, this time with the clouds looking like several fruit pieces. A quick breeze then blew once again, forcing them to sit up. It was then that the invite smacked into one of the Pichu Bros face. They finally got the invite and celebrated at their accomplishment.

They then got back down to the 1st floor, singing a tune as they held the invite. But their celebration was cut short when they noticed that Houndour was waiting for them. Once again running off, this time with the invite in hand, the ground ran once again from Houndour. A little while later, though, they noticed a fire hydrant and ran around it. Houndour, with his mind obviously on something else, smashes into the Hydrant and is gushed out, high into the air. He then lands on a trampoline of sorts and hits down right next to it. But it wasn't a trampoline. Oh no, THIS was a sleeping Snorlax. And the nudge from Houndour's fall made him turn around to lay on his belly. Houndour tried to run away, but he was then crushed by Snorlax's huge belly.

Back at the high tower, Meowth and the others looked on at the room. The fruits were aligned, the decorations were set, and everything seemed ready for his party. Overexcited, Cubone jumped francticly, but slipped and fell into several of the fruits. Meowth shouts at Cubone in anger, which sent Cubone into yet ANOTHER depressed mood. Meowth tried to assure Cubone that he didn't mean what he said, and eventually, Cubone was happy again. The 3 squirtles then slowly set back everything, with Meowth shouting at them to pick up the pace.

Back at their home, Magby, Teddiursa and Wooper waited for their friends. The Pichu Bros were the 1st to arrive and to show that they had the invite. Everybody in the group celebrated until Smoochum brought the Oddish she bumped into. Apparantly, the invite the Pichu Bros found was Oddish's, who lost it from the breeze. The Pichu that had the invite was reluctant to give it back at 1st, but after a scolding from his brother, he eventually gave it back. Happy once again, the Oddish ran out, leaving the group in a sad state once more.

But they were about to get a great surprise as an Azumarril came with several invites tied to a balloon, which she apparantly got for the group. Happy and gleeful, the group celebrated as one of the Pichus attempted to grab the balloon. But it slipped out of Azumarril's hand and it wrapped itself around a poll. Things seemed hopeless. However, Pichu noticed a balloon far off in the distance. He then came up with an idea. Getting a weaved basket and a blanket, the group made a hot air balloon, with Magby suppling the flame for it. The Pichu Bros then hopped into this home made hot air balloon and went for the invites. With the balloon moving irractly, the Pichu Bros had a hard time grabbing it. But just as the balloon got free of the poll, one of the Pichu Bros quickly snatched it, right on time.

Later on, looking at the sunset, Meowth and his team looked up the same rooftop they looked above at in the beginning, with Meowth then stating "Let this spectacular party begin!"

And so it did, with about 20-30 Pokemon at the party, eating fruits and the like. The Pichu group then stepped inside the entrance. Although the Squirtle group tried to stop them at 1st, then invited them inside the second they showed their invites. The group then proceeded to "pig out", eating the fruits and enjoying themselves. Meowth and his group, looking through 2 doors, then noticed that everything was set and it was almost time for the main event. While most of the Pokemon continued to eat, Meowth then eventually announced on the main speaker that the main event of the party was about to start with music from the Pokemon Band, and everybody was invited to come inside the main room. 2 doors then swung open, and all the Pokemon proceeded to go inside.

This Bit Was now in 3D

Meowth, now noticing that everybody was going inside, waxed his guitar and stated it was time. Wobbuffet, who was right next to him, ran off through the door, and Meowth followed suit.

The next scene focuses on a main stage, which is somewhat similar to the originial Meowth's Party stage. Meowth then begins to play "Nyassu no Party", dancing with various Pokemon and moving around and about the stage

Back to Normal Animation After the party is done, Meowth sets up for one last thing: A fireworks show. High above the building, Meowth shouts out "FIRE!" as Wobbuffet shoves down the dynamite box. However, the barrels of fireworks don't seem to go off. Confused by the matter, Meowth gets closer to the fireworks...

...and THATS when they shoot off, sending Meowth high into the air. The Pichu Bros group, walking back home, notice this final fireworks show and look in awe as the dozens of fireworks shoot out in the air. And this is where the story ends.

Special Thanks to SeiferA for writing This for us

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