Name Type PP Att. Acc. Effect
Drill Peck 20 80 100 A standard FLYING-type attack. It is strong and highly likely to hit the target.
Fly 15 70 95 The Pokémon flies high, then strikes in the next turn. Used for flying to places already visited.
Mirror Move 20 -- 100 A move that strikes back with the opponent's last move. This move comes after the enemy's move.
Peck 35 35 100 A standard FLYING-type attack. It is favored by Pokémon that have beaks and/or horns.
Sky Attack 5 140 90 The strongest FLYING-type attack. Energy is stored in the first turn, then fired the next turn.
Wing Attack 35 35 100 A FLYING-type attack. The attacking Pokémon spreads its wings and charges at the target.