Like the areas containing gyms, Pokétopia contains many Colosseums, all of which have a leader that you must defeat in order to Progress. Below are the leaders known and as we get further into the game, their teams will be placed here

Tiru - Street Colosseum

Tiru is the Leader of the Street Colosseum. Generally being a fun person, she trains cute Pokémon, including the one that influences her outfit; Pachirisu

Luin - Sunset Colosseum

Luin is the leader of the Sunset Colosseum. Training strong Pokémon, Luin is a formiddable trainer who's signiture Pokémon is Lucario

Colosseum Leader - Joe

Joe is the superior of the other 10 Colosseum Leaders. Having to defeat the others to get to him, he provides the greatest challenge yet. However the Pokémon in his team are as of yet unknown

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