Launch Dates
Japan: December 2nd 2006
US: November 19th 2006
Europe: December 8th 2006
Max Resolution: 853 x 480

The Nintendo Wii was the follow up to the Nintendo Gamecube. It featured some increased power but is primarily noted by its controller changed, the Wii Remote which allow for full motion and pointer control. Alongside this, control could be added by a Classic Controller, matching old control styles. It featured full online capability as well as backwards compatibility for Nintendo Gamecube games. It also featured an online shop for downloading digital titles including the Virtual Console

The first iteration of Pokémon on the Nintendo Wii was Pokémon Battle Revolution.

List of Pokémon Games Developed for Wii

GameDeveloperFirst Release
My Pokémon RanchAmbrellaMarch 25th 2008
Pokémon Battle RevolutionGenius SonorityDecember 14th 2006
Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Blazing Adventure Squad / Stormy Adventure Squad / Light Adventure SquadSpike ChunsoftAugust 4th 2009
Pokémon RumbleAmbrellaJune 16th 2009
PokéPark Wii Pikachu's AdventureCreaturesDecember 5th 2009
PokéPark 2 Wonders BeyondCreaturesNovember 12th 2011

List of Pokémon Games Released on Virtual Console on Wii

GameDeveloperFirst Release
Pokémon SnapHAL LaboratoryMarch 21st 1999
Pokémon Puzzle LeagueNintendo, Intelligent SystemsSeptember 25th 2000

List of Model Revisions for the Wii

Nintendo Wii Mini

Launch Dates
US: November 177th 2013
Europe: March 15th 2013

The Nintendo Wii Mini was a small variant of the Nintendo Wii. Unlike the main version, it removed all Gamecube capabilities and ports and lacked online features