Like the Previous console games that Battle Revolution follows in the footsteps of, Battle Revolution features some good Multiplayer Modes, both for players with you and players far far away:

Multiplayer - Free Battle
Free Battle is exactly what it says on the tin. Using your DS or your friends DS's, you can battle eachother in the Colosseums of the game. You can set up certain Rules & Clauses to follow.
If none of your friends have a DS, you can still battle using any of the teams that have been saved onto your Battle Revolution save. Very handy indeed

Multiplayer - WiFi
If you have the Internet hooked up to your Wii, you will be able of choosing an option for WiFi. Within these options there are two further options;
  • Random Battles
  • Friend Battles
  • Random Battles

    With Random Battles, you randomly get matched up with other people who are looking to battle based on the same skill level that you have obtained through the games, you can battle with anyone here so be prepared

    Friend Battles

    Battle Revolution gives you your own friend code. With this, in the same manner as you do with Pokémon Diamond & Pearl, you can share your friend codes with your friends and they share yours and you'll be able to battle eachother without trying on the off chance that the Random person you battle will be them. These battles are always against only 1 person, you will not have 4 player battles through WiFi

    With these modes, you can follow the true battling of Pokémon online, in full 3D with spectacular visual effects

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