Special Abilities

As Pokémon Battle Trozei has changed things so you're using Pokémon to attack wild Pokémon, many of the Pokémon have got special abilities. These abilities range in use from increasing the strength of your attacks, to healing you or even fixing the Trozei Box.

These abilities are set to the species of the Pokémon and cannot be changed.

List of Abilities

Name Effect Pokémon
Transform Can be substituted for any other Pokémon in a match. Ditto
Healer Restores some energy to the Trozei box. Chansey Blissey Happiny
Flinch Attack Briefly stops wild Pokémon from taking action. Raichu Voltorb Electrode Ampharos Blaziken Latias Deoxys Garchomp Rhyperior Electivire Throh Sawk Zoroark Thundurus Kyurem Pangoro
Power of Five Increases the damage dealt by matching five Pokémon. Venusaur Charizard Raikou Entei Suicune Lugia Ho-Oh Sceptile Swampert Gardevoir Latios Lucario Rotom Giratina Darkrai Serperior Reuniclus Kyurem Chesnaught Delphox Greninja Vivillon Xerneas Yveltal Zygarde
Power of Six Increases the damage dealt by matching six Pokémon. Machamp Articuno Zapdos Moltres Dragonite Mewtwo Mew Celebi Jirachi Roserade Victini Keldeo Meloetta
Builder Repairs damage done to the walls of the Trozei Box. Alakazam Mr. Mime Cresselia
True Strength Increases damage dealt when energy levels are half or less Blastoise Nidoqueen Hitmonlee Hitmonchan Gyarados Meganium Typhlosion Feraligatr Granbull Hitmontop Slaking Tropius Torterra Infernape Empoleon Emboar Samurott Crustle Beartic Tornadus Kyurem Genesect Trevenant Avalugg
Brute Force Deals normal damage even to types resistant to its type. Nidoking Arceus Landorus