ID-361 - Cosmog

Movement: 2
Rarity: R
Type: Psychic
Special Ability: Gaseous Form - This Pokémon cannot surround the opponent's Pokémon, and cannot be surrounded itself. It can also move through other Pokémon when making an MP move.

Move List

  • Base Wheel Size Name Move Type Additional Notes Damage
    4 Miss Red
    28 Nebby's Power Purple You may move one of your Solgaleo or Lunala next to this Pokémon. If you do, this Pokémon evolves. If it cannot evolve, this Pokémon is knocked out.
    16 Dodge Blue
    32 Teleport Purple This Pokémon moves 2 steps away. ☆☆☆
    16 Splash White 1
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