Pokémon Duel is a free to play game, and as such has numerous aspects that require purchasing using in-game currency. This radically shifted in January 2019 after a shift in laws removed gachapon like elements from the game


Gems are the main currency within the game. Gems are mostly used to purchase other things in the game, but if you lose a match, you can spend 10 Gems to continue on as if you hadn't just lost. While a lot can be obtained through gameplay, the primary means to obtain these by purchasing them using real money. The pricing scheme is as follows

Gem Amount Japanese Price US Price UK Price
12 Gems 120¥ $0.99 Ł0.99
54 Gems 480¥ $3.99 Ł3.99
112 Gems 960¥ $7.99 Ł7.99
320 Gems 2400¥ $19.99 Ł19.99
720 Gems 4800¥ $38.99 Ł38.99
1540 Gems 9600¥ $74.99 Ł74.99

There are monthly limits to how much you can spend. For each yen spent, you earn 1 point. You cannot exceed 50,000 points a month if you are aged 20 or over, or 10,000 points a month if you are aged under 20.

Plate Shop
Currency: Gems

The Plate Shop allows you to purchase special plates in order to augment your gameplay. You get more plates in here as you progress through the game.

Material Shop
Currency: Material

As you collect material in the game, you have the ability to purchase figures straight out. These can only be obtained after you have encountered them in a match against a computer player while some are unlocked as standard. The higher the rarity of the figures, the more material required to purchase it.

Rarity Material Required
EX 4000
R 1800
UC 450
C 250

After 2019

Player Pass

The Player Pass is a subscription system for the game. For $16.99/€16.99/Ł16.99/2000¥ a month, you can purchase the Player Pass. This gives you more rewards in the monthly reward table, as well as the ability to obtain any up to 10 10 figures within the main selection completely free

This subscription lasts for a month and any figures left unredeemed after the time period do not carry over. For the first five months of subscribing, with each successive month from the first subscription, you will receive 1 extra figure for free a month nutil you hit 10 figures

Figure Purchase

Introduced in 2018, there is also a way to purchase special figures. These figures are typically rare EX or UX figures, sometimes even Shiny Pokémon, and come in a special bundle for a set price. Each bundle runs for a different length of time with different cost and contents, typically coming with a figure and a collection of Gems

Before 2019

Booster Shop
Currency: Gems

The Booster Shop is simply a way for you to get some figures. These figures are obtained at random when you purchase a box. There are two options. For 50 Gems, you can buy a Single box which contains 1 Figure and 50 Material. For 100 Gems, you can buy a Double Box. This has two figures in it, as well as a plate and 100 material.

The figures you receive are random based on their rarity. The figures change every month with new figures being introduced and old figures being phased out

EX (0.5% Each) Rare (1.5% Each) Ultra Common (6% Each)