ID-404 - NihilegoOther Nihilego Figures

Movement: 2
Rarity: UX
Type: Rock / Poison
Special Ability: White Noise - When this Pokémon moves to the field, the effects of Energy plates are lost and they count as having been used. In its first battle after moving to the field, all of this Pokémon's White Attacks become Gold

Move List

  • Base Wheel Size Name Move Type Additional Notes Damage
    4 Miss Red
    28 Stun Poison Purple The battle opponent becomes poisoned. The battle opponent gains Wait 7 ☆☆
    28 White Tentacles White Attach a Symbiont marker to the battle opponent. A Pokémon with this marker attached can only be used by its opposing player (MP Moves only). This marker can be removed by tagging 83
    4 Miss Red
    32 Call Signal Blue Move one of your Pokémon that is in the Ultra Space to a point 2 steps away from this Pokémon
    96Acid DownpourWhite Z-MoveAll opposing Pokémon on the field spin. Those that spin White Attacks become Poisoned.166
    96Continental CrushPurple Z-MoveThe battle opponent and opposing Pokémon adjacent to the battle opponent gain Wait 9☆☆☆☆