Mt. Blaze

Final Floor: 14F
Unlock Method: Beat Lapis Cave
Initial Level: -
Maximum Teammates: 3
Items: Yes
Check Map: Yes
Opponents Able to Join: Yes

Mt. Blaze

#146 Moltres

You will first encounter Moltres as you go through the Mt. Blaze when a Fugitive from Pokémon Square. In this encounter you won't be able to befriend it.

When you return to Mt. Blaze after saving the world in the postgame, you'll find Moltres there. Defeat it and it'll be recruited and, if you haven't already got it yet, give you the Legendary Island Camp

Moltres - Mystery Dungeon Rescue Team DX

Wild Pokémon

Number Picture Name Type
#018 Pidgeot - Mystery Dungeon Pidgeot
#022 Fearow - Mystery Dungeon Fearow
#059 Arcanine - Mystery Dungeon Arcanine
#078 Rapidash - Mystery Dungeon Rapidash
#218 Slugma - Mystery Dungeon Slugma
#240 Magby - Mystery Dungeon Magby
#322 Numel - Mystery Dungeon Numel
#324 Torkoal - Mystery Dungeon Torkoal

Strong Foe

Number Picture Name Type
#184 Azumarill - Mystery Dungeon Azumarill
#184 Shiny Azumarill - Mystery Dungeon Azumarill