Shiny Pokémon

For the first time, Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Rescue Team DX includes Shiny Pokémon. These Pokémon will rarely appear in various dungeons as powerful bosses or in general and can require a lot of damage to be taken down. Normally they are just standard colours but you have a small chance of encountering them shiny. On the map, these Pokémon are marked with a yellow "Strong Foe" symbol

When taken down by your leader, there is a slim chance they will join you. However, if your leader has a Friend Bow equipped, there's a much greater chance they will join your team.

Only 27 Pokémon have the ability of being Shiny.

Shiny Pokémon Image

Shiny Celebi

Shiny Celebi is a bit different to the others as it doesn't appear as a Strong Foe in any of the dungeons. Instead, if you have recruited Celebi in Purity Forest and have the Healing Forest Camp, you will then be able to have a small chance to find Shiny Celebi in a Mystery House

Mystery House Image

List of Available Shiny Pokémon

Number Picture Name Type Location
#012  ShinyButterfree - Mystery Dungeon Butterfree Howling Forest
#038  ShinyNinetales - Mystery Dungeon Ninetales Northern Range
#078  ShinyRapidash - Mystery Dungeon Rapidash Mt. Steel
#101  ShinyElectrode - Mystery Dungeon Electrode Mt. Faraway
#102  ShinyExeggcute - Mystery Dungeon Exeggcute Wyvern Hill
#103  ShinyExeggutor - Mystery Dungeon Exeggutor Pitfall Valley
#121  ShinyStarmie - Mystery Dungeon Starmie Grand Sea
#129  ShinyMagikarp - Mystery Dungeon Magikarp Marvelous Sea
#130  ShinyGyarados - Mystery Dungeon Gyarados Waterfall Pond
#132  ShinyDitto - Mystery Dungeon Ditto Buried Relic
#149  ShinyDragonite - Mystery Dungeon Dragonite Mt. Thunder
#163  ShinyHoothoot - Mystery Dungeon Hoothoot Murky Cave
#164  ShinyNoctowl - Mystery Dungeon Noctowl Lapis Cave
#181  ShinyAmpharos - Mystery Dungeon Ampharos Sinister Woods
#184  ShinyAzumarill - Mystery Dungeon Azumarill Mt. Blaze
#185  ShinySudowoodo - Mystery Dungeon Sudowoodo Desert Region
#190  ShinyAipom - Mystery Dungeon Aipom Solar Cave
#196  ShinyEspeon - Mystery Dungeon Espeon Remains Island
#202  ShinyWobbuffet - Mystery Dungeon Wobbuffet Darknight Relic
#213  ShinyShuckle - Mystery Dungeon Shuckle Southern Cavern
#222  ShinyCorsola - Mystery Dungeon Corsola Far-Off Sea
#251  ShinyCelebi - Mystery Dungeon Celebi Mystery Houses
#327  ShinySpinda - Mystery Dungeon Spinda Frosty Forest
#334  ShinyAltaria - Mystery Dungeon Altaria Fantasy Strait
#335  ShinyZangoose - Mystery Dungeon Zangoose Western Cave
#376  ShinyMetagross - Mystery Dungeon Metagross Silent Chasm
#424  ShinyAmbipom - Mystery Dungeon Ambipom Great Canyon
#463  ShinyLickilicky - Mystery Dungeon Lickilicky Mt. Freeze