Unown Report
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Key Item アンノーンノート
Unown Note
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In-Depth Effect
This item is used to keep track of the Unown that you have captured in the Ruins of Alph. It also includes details researchers have worked out about the Unown:

Page 4:
Mysterious stone plate puzzles have been found inside the ruins. Standing on that spot, the ground would suddenly cave in through a chamber underneath! It is almost as if these ancient ruins are trying to surprise us.
The landing place was a huge room where rock statues were erected, and then the Unowns all of a sudden appeared. In other words, the stone plate puzzles have become the keys to awaken the Unowns from their sleep. These ruins are getting tougher and tougher.

Page 5:
We understand that using the Radio in the ruins will receive mysterious radio waves. This proves that the Unowns communicate with each other via radio waves.
We understand that the Unowns have the same appearance as the different letters. Currently 26 kinds of letters have been identified, which means there are 26 kinds of Unowns as well. Have we seen them all?

Page 6:
We think that there is a lot of nonsense here, but the Unowns actually have an order. Things in the natural world may appear disorganized at a glance, but the truth is each of them follows a neat order.
The staff of the research center has properly rearranged the disorganized records of the Unowns in the note according to their order. This makes understanding things about the Unown much easier.

Page 7:
Chambers which have Unown letters drawn on the ruins' grounds have been seen. What a big discovery! The people of the research center have gone in elation to investigate.
There are more than 26 kinds of Unown writings. Two more letters have been discovered, which implies that somewhere lies two more kinds of Unowns.

Page 8:
We have copied the letters carved on the small chamber's stone plate into this note. "Companions bless our birth". We still don't know what this means.
It seems necessary for the people of the research center to investigate the ruins once again, no...?

Page 9:
In the past, the Unowns and a tribe of humans lived in these ruins. To our understanding, it is said that the old Pokemon statues in the underground of the ruins were erected by this tribe.
The Unowns were very timid and would not go outside the ruins. Since the ruins' surroundings are populated by more and more people, it is said that this tribe of people who wishes the Unown and humans to be able to live in harmony decided to leave here.

Flavour Text
HeartGold SoulSilver A report of all the discovered kinds of UNOWN.
Black White A report of all the discovered kinds of Unown.
Black 2 White 2 A report of all the discovered kinds of Unown.
X Y A report of all the discovered kinds of Unown.
Omega Ruby Alpha Sapphire A report of all the discovered kinds of Unown.
Sun Moon A report of all the discovered kinds of Unown.
Ultra Sun Ultra Moon A report of all the discovered kinds of Unown.
Let's Go, Pikachu! Let's Go, Eevee! A report of all the discovered kinds of Unown.

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