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The eastern city of Veilstone in Sinnoh is a concrete jungle built on a tough rocky mountain foundation. Meteorites are believed to have landed in the city some years ago, and the big holes they left behind generate a unique ambience that reminds people of stories pertaining to the galaxy. As the night deepens, the city's many entertainment facilities turn their lights out one by one, and the last to do so is almost always the most popular Veilstone Game Corner.

At the lost and found warehouse of the Game Corner, Dia gasps in shock as a hand unexpectedly reaches down from above the top shelf to snatch away Lady Berlitz's Pokedex. He is astonished as to whom the Dex snatcher is, and a male Team Galactic grunt pokes his head out from his hiding place next to a Gible and Chingling, musing that Pokedex sounds like an interesting name for the device. Unlike other TG grunts, this particular one appears to have his own thoughts, and his personal team of Pokemon.

The grunt starts playing around with the Dex, and is amazed that it can display the known attacks, condition and abilities of Dia's Grotle and Munchlax. Dia urges him to give it back, but the grunt ignores him, and says he has always fumbled through the items people have dropped at the Game Corner to claim good things as his own, and this Pokedex seems exceptionally fascinating.

Dia begins to get nervous and says he cannot do that because the item belongs to someone very important, but the grunt shoots him a cold look, and looms over the boy as he tells him to forget about it. Without warning, the grunt orders his Gible to dive down with a Dragon Rush, and slams right into Beh. The Munchlax tumbles over, and spills al the Berries it has kept under the long fur.

The grunt states that the lost and found warehouse is a part of his territory, and thus naturally everything it houses is his property. He grins that he should give Dia adequate punishment to help him forget about what he has seen in this place, and begins to jump off the shelf. However, he happens to land on a Watmel Berry, and slips down to fall flat on his back, causing his Gible and Chingling to sweatdrop.

The accident causes him to lose grip of the Pokedex, and the device is thrown right into the hands of Dia. Dia hurriedly gathers up the dropped Berries on the ground and giggles that it is all thanks to Beh's hidden goodies, then darts out from the warehouse with Beh and Roo. Several other TG grunts to help their companion get up, and this grunt who has his own mind hollers that they must give chase right away.

Meanwhile, at the headquarters of Team Galactic, Saturn isn't very happy to learn that some of his grunts are not reporting back to his call because they are busy fighting an ordinary customer at the warehouse over some lost items. He cries that anything else is of no importance at this moment, and focuses his gaze on the monitor screen, which shows Phool and Ignor, the bodyguards of the daughter of Sinnoh's wealthiest family, hurrying to Veilstone City after the northern part of Route 210 has been deliberately blocked by their team to lure the two men to them.

Saturn motions to his team of grunts standing next to him, and states that it will not be enough to kidnap the girl, but they must also get the bodyguards out on the main street, then knock out the lights and give them the most painful lesson in their lives within the dark.

Out on the main street of Veilstone, having defeated Maylene, Pearl and Lady Berlitz are making their way to the Game Corner's lost and found warehouse to join Dia. Pearl sees that it is approaching midnight, and comments that they seem to have travelled up and down this street several times between all their tasks in the city. He finds it odd that the lost and found warehouse is actually quite a distance from the Game Corner, and suddenly notices that the Lady appears to be lost in thought.

Pearl wants to know if something is wrong, but Lady Berlitz sighs that she just feels relieved about having found the Pokedex. She states that she was so careless to have left it behind, and says not only has the super vital device helped her out tremendously during the gym challenge trainings, but it also stores data for some very important research work.

Pearl wonders to himself if she meant research work done by tour guides, but nevertheless agrees that the Pokedex is no doubt a very smart machine. Able to read and display the ecological data of Pokemon in an instant, the device has been crucial in solving many of their crises since they obtained it in Jubilife, and Pearl simply thinks it is marvellous the travelling agency equips their tour guides with such a superb gimmick.

However, on a deeper thought, Pearl remembers that there were also Pokemon that the Pokedex failed to recognize. While it had no problem displaying the data of the likes of Starly and Luxio at the beginning of their journey, it could not identify the two odd Pokemon that attacked them at Mt. Coronet, not even the name of their species.

While Pearl tries to ponder on the reason behind the mystery, the street lights suddenly go out, making everything go pitch black around them. Pearl exclaims that midnight must have arrived as the city has turned off all its lights, and cries that it is impossible to see anything in total darkness. He frantically calls out for Lady Berlitz, but before the girl could give a respond, a handkerchief is stuffed to her face, and she quickly passes out. Hearing no response, Pearl begins to fret, and panics about having lost the Lady in the darkness, while two mysterious silhouettes stealthily drag her away behind him.

A while later, inside one of the buildings, Phool and Ignor place an unconscious Lady Berlitz on a chair, and hope that she would forgive their roughness. Phool feels grateful that they have finally found their client, and Ignor agrees wholeheartedly as he wipes a tear of happiness off his eyes. Phool states that while it seems odd that the city lights went out before midnight actually arrived, it gave them the chance to sneak up on their client. The man takes a peek out through the blinds of the window, and suddenly realizes that the building has been surrounded by the same eerie astronaut-attired people they fought at the Lost Tower.

Phool comments that things aren't as simple as they thought after all, and together with Ignor, get ready for another battle. They read from the directory on the wall that they are currently inside the Veilstone Department Store, and decide that it should be safe for the Lady to stay there as there won't be anyone coming in until morning. Phool gently hides Lady Berlitz behind the curtains of a fitting room, and hopes that they will get to meet each other formally after the fight, before they truly carry out their duties as her bodyguards and escort her to the summit of Mt. Coronet, the way how things should have been right from the start.

Phool and Ignor then run out to the streets to confront Team Galactic, and promptly call forward their Buizel and Burmy, who is now in its trash cloak. The TG grunts begin to attack with a whole pack of Skuntanks, and Ignor soon realizes that they seem to be stronger this time. Phool agrees that their opponents' pattern of attacking is much more efficient than before, almost as if they know every tree and rock around the area, which makes him highly suspicious that this place is the headquarters of this odd organization.

A few blocks away, next to the lost and found warehouse, Pearl and Chatlord stand behind a tree, and watch as the intense battle breaks out in front of the Veilstone Department Store. Finally getting his vision adjusted to the dark, Pearl is shocked to see such an epic fight right after the Lady vanished, and starts to wonder if something is wrong with this city. Just then, he hears a familiar voice from behind.

Dia: Speaking of Pokemooon~
Pearl: Dia!?

Pearl spins around and sees Dia charging out from the warehouse with Beh and Roo, before tumbling down the stairs together. Pearl hurriedly runs up to check on his companion, and sees that he has Lady Berlitz's Pokedex in hand.

Pearl: Hey, what are you doing!?
Dia: (eyes spinning) I was fighting to get the Dex back. It seems like there are other people who want the Dex, and they are now following my traaacks~
Pearl: Come on, stay steady now!!

Dia cries out that he is being chased after by people who want to snatch the Lady's Pokedex, and Pearl looks up to see a group of TG grunts lining up on the top of the stairs, each with a Staravia. Without warning, the starling Pokemon begin to attack, and the two boys quickly call forward Roo, Beh, Chatlord and Chimlord to defend.

Back on the bodyguards' side, Ignor notices the new fight that just broke out a few blocks from them, and sees that it also involves the same organization that they are battling. However, Phool soon spots Dia and Pearl being the opponents, and recognizes them as the boys who tricked the Lady from them on this journey. Baffled by the situation, Phool starts to wonder if the boys are not a gang with this organization after all.

While Phool and Ignor battle the pack of Skuntanks, Dia and Pearl struggle against the flock of Staravias, and the four people gradually edge closer to each other as Team Galactic continues to gain the upper hand. Soon, the bodyguards and two boys find themselves back to back, and Pearl instantly recognizes the men as the mysterious people who tried to ambush them when they were leaving Hearthome City. He puts on an annoyed look, and asks if those wealthy women at the contest sent them there.

Phool does not understand a single word Pearl says, and Ignor demands to know why the boys snatched their client away from them. Likewise, Pearl is left completely dumbfounded, and wonders if they mean Lady Berlitz. He asks if their tour guide has bestowed anything upon them, and Ignor puts on a baffled look as he fails to comprehend the question.

Phool cuts in to stop everyone, and decides to make things clear once and for all. He states that the girl whom Dia and Pearl are travelling with is no tour guide, but the daughter of Sinnoh's number one wealthy Berlitz family, and the two of them are professional bodyguards who have been hired to protect her. Hearing the statement, Pearl bolts with utter shock, while Dia stuffs a Berry into his mouth...

(Original Japanese Jokes)

  1. When Dia was chased by the TG grunts and met Pearl after tumbling the stairs, he said 'Masaka hokani mo Zukan wo hoshigatteru hito ga irunante kidzukankatta', which means 'There are other people who want the Dex too, we have to be careful.' The pun is on the word 'Zukan' (Dex), which is part of the phrase 'Kidzukan' (to be careful).

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358: VS Staravia & Skuntank I

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