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While Beh, Roo, Chatlord, Chimlord, Buizel and Burmy fight down Team Galactic's army of Staravias and Skuntanks, Pearl bolts in shock and disbelief as Phool reveals that the Lady is the daughter of the Berlitz clan, the number one wealthy Berlitz family in Sinnoh, and he and Ignor are professional bodyguards who have been hired to protect the girl on her journey.

Pearl holds his head with his hands, and wears a twisted look on his face as he tries to calm himself from the information overload. And so, the Lady is not a tour guide as they thought, but a rich girl, and client of professional bodyguards. Next to him, Dia keeps a nonchalant expression, and continues to stuff Berries into his mouth.

Phool states that the boys don't seem to comprehend what they are saying, but similarly, they don't quite get why Pearl seems so startled and what exactly the misunderstanding is in between. However, there isn't really time to dwell into that now, and there is only one thing that they wish to know. Phool puts on a serious look, and demands the simple answer of whether Dia and Pearl are their friends or foes.

Without hesitation, Dia replies that they are friends, much to Pearl's astonishment. Dia licks the berry juice off his fingers, and grins that since they are all there to protect the Lady, they are definitely friends. Phool seems satisfied with the response, and Ignor agrees that it is the best simple and concise answer.

Dia giggles and offers to perform a Manzai verse now that they are on the same side, and says it will help lighten up the mood.

Dia: Speaking of Pokemooon~ This is the Veilstone City~ Since we are already in Veilstone, we're bound to fail if we stand alone~
Pearl: It's not the time for that silly!!

The two bodyguards crack a smile at the joke, and say they will leave that for later, as the most important thing right now is to protect their hidden Lady from this big army of foes in front of them. With that, Phool and Ignor call Buizel and Burmy forward again, and the sea weasel unleashes a blast of water on the Skuntanks while Burmy shoots out a barrage of Hidden Power towards the Staravias. However, being greatly outnumbered, the two Pokemon are having a hard time, and Phool points out that it will be too inefficient to take out the opponents one by one.

He suggests repeating their battle strategy at the Lost Tower, and Ignor quickly orders Buizel to spin its tails to create a twister. The spiralling wind instantly catches the Skuntanks and Staravias, and sends them crashing back towards the TG grunts. Watching the battle behind the bushes, Pearl comments that the sand picked up by the twister helps to blind the foes, and Dia exclaims that Buizel's tails are really cool to be able to generate such power winds.

Pearl then recalls what Phool said about the hidden Lady, and assumes that they are referring to Lady Berlitz. He wonders why the bodyguards must hide her from these eerie people, and Dia believes that they must be after her. Pearl places his hands on Dia's shoulders, addressing him as Diamond, and Dia instantly gets what his companion is about to say. Running up towards Ignor with Beh and Roo, Dia grins that there are better things to complement the twister than just sand, and orders a Razor Leaf from Roo. The Grotle unleashes a shower of leaves, which are quickly caught by the spiralling winds, and slam hard onto the Staravias and Skuntanks. Ignor compliments Dia, and says the twister serves to blind and attack their enemies simultaneously now.

On Phool's side, Pearl warns him that the Skuntank from behind is trying to deliver a Night Slash, and Phool quickly orders Burmy to take it down. Phool is surprised that Pearl is able to foretell what attack a Pokemon is about to use, and Dia giggles that it is Pearl's talent.

The two bodyguards then share a nod and grin with each other as they watch Dia and Pearl fend off Team Galactic's army with their Pokemon. Quite unexpectedly, these two boys have extraordinary battle sense, and will no doubt emerge to become powerful trainers after they teach them some professional strategies. With that, Phool and Ignor hop behind Dia and Pearl, and tell them to stand next to each other and follow their commands. The bodyguards clasp their hands to make a gun-like hand sign, which Dia follow suit, while Pearl is a bit taken aback as to what they have in mind.

Phool starts off with Chimlord, and wants Pearl to have it perform an aerial attack as if it is climbing trees or rocky cliffs. Pearl does as he is told, but begins to fret when Chimlord starts to plummet as there are no actual trees or rocky cliffs in the area. Phool assures him and says it is part of the attack combo, and quickly tells Dia to command a Stealth Rock from Roo. A barrage of rocks are instantly unleashed onto the scene, and Chimlord adeptly scales across them to reach the center of the twister, which is now surrounded by the flock of Staravias.

Phool then calls for an Ember, and Pearl is doubtful if it is enough, but Phool tells him to just trust them, and Chimlord hurls a ball of fire towards the twister. The attack gains great momentum as it is tossed around, and manages to knock down all the starling Pokemon in the blink of an eye. Pearl exclaims at the unexpected effect, and Phool explains that the spiralling winds have greatly powered up the Ember, on top of highly increasing its scope of attack.

While the TG grunts and their Skuntanks remain bewildered at what just happened, Chatlord creeps up behind them carrying Burmy in its claws. After hovering right above their heads, Burmy unleashes a Hidden Power, and takes out all the skunk Pokemon. Dia marvels at the scene, and says he never thought their Pokemon were so strong.

Phool grins that he has certainly underestimated his own Pokemon, and Ignor says they just haven't used the right strategies to put their strength to good use yet. Pearl still can't believe that their Pokemon are classified as strong, but Phool tells him to see for himself, and points to Chimlord and Roo, who are beginning to glow and tremble.

In a flash of light, the two take the new bodies of an Infernape and a Torterra, and the boys exclaim that they have evolved into their final forms. Pearl believes that their Pokemon must have unknowingly built up all these skills and experience from the gym challenge training sessions they had with Lady Berlitz, and Dia agrees that while it was the Lady who actually battled in the gyms, these training partners of hers have also grown stronger together in the process.

Several Staravias and Skuntanks begin to stand up from the ground, and Phool comments that their foes are apparently not giving up yet. However, he says they must try to move, and Ignor wonders why. Phool reminds him that they have overlooked the fact that they are still battling right in front of the Department Store, where they have hidden their very important client. Ignor realizes their careless thought, and motions Dia and Pearl to follow as they lure the TG grunts to another part of the city.

Meanwhile, in the fitting room of the Veilstone Department Store, Lady Berlitz gradually wakes up, and slowly lets her eyes adjust to the darkness around her. Prinplup pops out from its Pokeball, and the two begin to explore the place. The Lady soon sees the assortment of clothes and items that line the shelves, and realizes that she is in some kind of big store.

Back at Team Galactic's headquarters, Saturn stomps his foot in fury with Croagunk, and finds it hard to accept that his stupid grunts still haven't been able to get to the girl even knowing that she is already in the city. Holding his fist in anger, he grunts that he must make the bodyguards suffer the ultimate horror. As soon as he says that, he remembers something that is equivalent to the ultimate horror, and puts on a smirk. He walks into the adjacent room to look for Jupiter, another TG commander, but Croagunk waves its arm, and Saturn realizes that she still hasn't returned. However, he does remember that the device he has in mind is said to still be in operational mode, and steals an evil glance at an odd-looking machine that has five metal plates opening up from a shiny globe in the center like the petals of a flower. Croagunk puts on a smirk, and Saturn wonders if it is time to run a test on the device. The man fixes his gaze on the machine, and after another minute of thought, finally makes up his mind, and decides to set the device into action.

Currently, the central project Team Galactic is working on is the Galactic Bomb, and compared with that, this odd-looking machine is just an unfinished design in the past that was stopped in development and casted aside. He figures that the boss wouldn't be too mad even if he didn't get permission beforehand, and orders his grunts to launch the device. The plate-surrounded shiny globe, which is the plug site for firing off energy beams, gets extended upwards from the base, and soon emerges from the rooftop of the headquarters building through the front hutch of the left canopy.

Saturn commands that they must lure the bodyguards towards their Galactic Veilstone Building, and wishes to know their current position by sending out their remote intercom machine. His grunts reply that the one used at the Lost Tower is already broken, and Saturn instantly fumes with rage, hollering that they can simply send out a new one if that is the case. The grunts then quickly launch a new intercom machine, and dispatch it from the rooftop opening of their building.

Out on the streets of Veilstone, Dia, Pearl, Phool and Ignor are still chased by the TG army, who are now down to six grunts, five Skuntanks and three Staravias. Phool comments that their foe is certainly stubborn, and Pearl agrees as he starts to pant. On top of that, the boys have noticed that something seems eerie with these grunts and Pokemon. Not a single word has come out of their mouths and their gaze is always locked on the same direction. The unity of their actions almost appears as if they don't have their individual thoughts, but are moving as one entity.

Ignor compliments Dia and Pearl for being observant, and Phool says they feel the same, which would explain why their Ember and Hidden Power attacks managed to strike the entire team earlier all at once. He states that he can prove how the TG grunts truly move in synchrony, and orders Buizel to deliver a Swift. Before the attack strikes, all six grunts and five Skuntanks hop up to evade, and when Buizel follows up with a Sonic Boom, they all crouch against the ground to dodge.

Ignor comments that these people chase as one and evade as one, which is why they shall stop them all as one as well. Dia and Pearl soon find themselves standing on the rooftop of a building that has a giant satellite dish in the center, and quickly halt themselves with Roo and Chimlord before they fall off the edge. Phool remarks that it seems like they have been cornered, but Ignor grins that it is actually his intention to end up at such a place.

Before his partner has time to respond, Ignor grabs the boys off their feet, one under each arm, and says it wouldn't be safe for them to stand so close. With that, he hops off to a nearby tree, and uses his scarf to fasten them around the bark. He secures his hand-free microphone around Dia's left ear, and tells them to simply sit there and wait for their instructions. Dia notices a giant building to his right, which has spikes sticking out from its side walls, and remembers a similar construction he has seen back in Eterna City.

After hopping back to join Phool, who is standing next to the boys' Torterra and Infernape, Ignor motions to Pearl, and tells him to get Chimlord to attack. Pearl cries that the satellite dish is blocking his view of the incoming enemies, but Ignor assures him that it is alright and to proceed anyway. Taking his chance, Pearl commands a series of Ember from Chimlord, and the Infernape begins hurling blast after blast of flames, most of which have struck the base of the satellite dish.

Phool has no idea what his partner is doing, and says while it is great that he has kept the boys in a safety zone, the Infernape's attacks have all hit elsewhere. However, Ignor grins that they have actually all hit the right target, and it is now Torterra's turn to strike. He wants Dia to have Roo destroy the ground with its strongest move, and Dia immediately orders Roo to unleash an Earthquake.

The powerful attack shakes the entire rooftop continuously while the bodyguards and their Pokemon cling onto the Torterra's bony spikes, and the satellite dish eventually breaks off from its base, toppling over to trap the remaining TG grunts, Staravias and Skuntanks under it.

Ignor cheers that they have succeeded, and Phool finally understands his partner's strategy. By getting Infernape to fire a barrage of seemingly aimless Ember at the beginning, it not only weakened the satellite dish's base, but also forced the TG grunts to take shelter behind the dish. Torterra's Earthquake then collapsed the dish, and took care of the entire army with a smooth bang.

Ignor states that although he and Phool took a little risk by standing so close while the Earthquake was delivered, it was nevertheless Dia and Pearl's powerful Pokemon who saved the day, causing the boys to blush in embarrassment.

Dia: Not at all~ It was thanks to you guys who gave us confidence~
Pearl: This is so cheesy~ But it is still hard to believe that we've used a satellite to settle the fight!

Phool and Ignor laugh at Dia and Pearl's joke, and remark that it is time to go back and find their client, so the five of them may finally sit down and have a good talk.

Behind them, Saturn spies on the scene via the intercom machine that is hovering above, and isn't happy that his grunts didn't manage to do any damage on the bodyguards after all. However, the bodyguards have actually done him a favour by using the satellite dish as their strategy, for they are now standing within the firing distance of his device of ultimate terror, which he shall unleash on them in this very minute.

Aiming the metal plated shiny globe towards the rooftop where the bodyguards are standing, Saturn orders his grunts to launch the device, and begins to have a 5-second count down. An intense low rumbling immediately resounds across the entire city, so much that everything begins to shake and tremble.

Phool and Ignor look around and wonder what is going on, while Pearl covers his ears in pain, and Dia cries that he is getting an ominous feeling. At the Veilstone Game Corner, the Manager clings onto the front door which he has just locked, and inside the Veilstone Gym, Maylene, her father and the four Blackbelts put on baffled looks when they sense the sudden tremor. Standing on a terrace, the Tube Boy, Poke Kid and Ninja Boy feel the quake's intensity rising by the second, and start to feel worried.

In the next instant, the device of ultimate terror blasts out a powerful beam from its shiny globe, and hits directly on Phool, Ignor, Buizel and Burmy, splitting their bodies into double-images, one ethereal, one silhouetted, causing Dia and Pearl to gap their mouths wide in horror.

The fact is, the power unleashed by this machine was an incidental by-product Team Galactic discovered when they were working on their scheme. However, although it was a good find, they lacked a manageable substitute to experiment on, and had no choice but to suspend this power's development and cast it aside.

With an evil grin, Saturn wonders what the bodyguards are thinking right now as they are showered in this power, and giggles that they soon will be completely cut off from the present world, and forever banished into another place...

(Original Japanese Jokes)

  1. In the short Manzai verse Dia did for Phool and Ignor before their collaboration, he said 'Tobari City desu~ Kono machi ni kitekara arasougoto bakkari de mou tobaritaku arimasen', which means 'This is Veilstone City~ Ever since we come here, there have been endless fights, so we don't want to rest the night here now'. The pun is on the word 'Tobari', which is the Japanese name of Veilstone, and also means to stay, or to rest the night at
  2. In Dia and Pearl's short Manzai joke after defeating the TG grunts, Pearl says 'Antenna de katsunantena', which means 'To win somehow by the antenna (satellite dish)'. The pun is on the word 'Antena', which is the Katakana writing of antenna, and a part of the phrase 'katsunantena' (to win somehow'.

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