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Saturn lets out a maniacal laugh as he cheers that he has succeeded. He roars that the bodyguards have finally received their rightful punishment in humiliating him, and are now completely cut off from the present world and forever banished into another place. He continues to laugh his heart out with Croagunk, but gradually stops, and starts to get a bit frustrated.

Indeed, the bodyguards have been expelled to a different world, and there are no known means to rescue them once they disappear upon the overlapping of the double-image of their bodies, which fully activates the banishing energy. Yet, no one knows exactly where they are going, and what is within that world. Moreover, they will have to resort to other means to locate the girl now. Saturn decides that it is too much information to think over now, and decides to play online games for a while to lift his mood.

Meanwhile, on the rooftop of the building where the satellite dish used to stand, Phool, Ignor, Buizel and Burmy stare at each other helplessly as the double-image of their bodies begin to draw closer to overlapping. On the tree nearby, Dia and Pearl struggle to free themselves, but the scarf Ignor has tied around them is too strong.

Chimlord quickly hops over to burn off the scarf, and the two boys hurry back to the roof top to check on the bodyguards. However, a multi-coloured shield surrounds Phool and Ignor, and Pearl states that they are unable to get any closer although the shield doesn't really burn, freeze or hurt them upon touching.

Starting to panic, Pearl says there must be a way to help them and it shouldn't be too hard with Pokemon attacks. However, his fear clearly shows through his stuttering as he orders Chatlord to deliver a Fury Attack. Unfortunately, the Chatot is immediately bounced back upon contact with the multi-coloured shield, and Pearl grunts that he shall resort to physical attacks if special ones don't work. He commands an Overheat from Chimlord, but although the attack doesn't get repelled this time, the Infernape simply courses through the two men without making any real contact.

Dia cries that it isn't working either, and the boys think hard to come up with a solution. However, Phool and Ignor state that it is time to stop, much to Dia and Pearl's astonishment. Ignor believes that it is already enough, and Phool says perhaps they should just speak their minds when they still can.

Since a very long time ago, Phool and Ignor have trained themselves hard to become the best bodyguards. However, they never had the chance to pass on their skills to anyone, and have nothing to be proud of apart from being powerful. They have had thoughts of taking in disciples and training them, but never carried through with this plan. The four-person battle they just engaged together came as close to it could be. Though short, they found it fun and rewarding.

The two boys begin to get nervous upon hearing the heartfelt speech, and Dia doesn't understand why they are saying such things. Ignor sighs that they are having the realization that they are already reaching their limits. In the past, they have been thrown into various perilous situations and always managed to get away from them. However, this time, they are met with a condition that they have never encountered before, and they know that there is absolutely no way to escape.

The only thing they worry about is, the fact that their client, the Lady, is under the pursuit of the enemy remains unchanged, which is why someone must be there to safeguard her. In that instant, the double-image of Phool and Ignor begin to merge, and the two bodyguards cry out their last words, passing on their task to Dia and Pearl, and hoping that they will continue to protect her in place of them from now on.

In a flash of light, the multi-coloured shield rapidly expands and disperses, engulfing Phool and Ignor along with Buizel and Burmy after turning them into dark silhouettes. The black glasses of the bodyguards clank as they hit the floor, serving as the only remains of their now vanished users.

Pearl and Dia remain motionless as the two men disappear right in front of their eyes, while Chatlord repeats the word 'protect her' over and over again with tears in its eyes. Pearl soon begins to tremble with fear as he thinks over the terrifying thing he has just witnessed, and tells Dia to lend him a shoulder to lean on. With a weak voice, Pearl states that the bodyguards have vanished, and Dia responds with a toneless acknowledgement. Pearl says they have only talked about the Lady up to their last moment, and Dia once again gives the same response.

Pearl can't believe that Lady Berlitz is really a wealthy Lady and not a tour guide, even with her own bodyguards, and Dia says it is true after all. However, Dia's reply causes Pearl to bolt, and he shakes Dia by the shoulders, addressing him as Diamond, and demands to know if he has known it beforehand. Dia admits that he has, and Pearl instantly fumes and asks when.

Dia states that he has known it right from the beginning. Although they were both under the impression that they have won a grand voyage led by a tour guide, he gradually worked out himself that a misunderstanding must have taken place when they bumped into the two people at Jubilife, during which they swapped their envelopes containing their prize coupon and the bodyguards' mission slip.

Pearl wants to know why Dia never said anything, but tears soon well up in Dia's eyes, and he whimpers that it is because their journey would end if he said it. Pearl's face instantly softens as he realizes what Dia is talking about, and starts to ponder on what should be done now. However, he soon sees that there really is no other answer. Although they have just solved one crisis, the Lady is still under siege of the mysterious organization, and must be protected.

Pearl says despite the fact that the two of them aim to become great comedians and have worked on improving their jokes all along, they should perhaps put it on hold on now, and focus on escorting Lady Berlitz to Mt. Coronet to complete their journey. They will shift their aims to become great Pokemon trainers, and work on improving their battling skills starting today. Dia beams with a grin as he nods in agreement, and having reached a consensus, the two boys hurry back to find the Lady at the Veilstone Department Store, where Phool and Ignor have hid her on the second floor.

Inside the Veilstone Department Store, Lady Berlitz is enjoying herself with the fitness facilities in the sports section. She wonders where the two boys are, and thinks to herself how fun the department store turns out to be. With nothing to do in the place, she and Prinplup have been playing around here and there, but it is these fitness machines that she finds most interesting, and Prinplup has even evolved into its final stage, Empoleon, after the full workout.

Just then, Dia and Pearl appear, and quickly kneel in front of Lady Berlitz. With determined looks on their faces, the boys vow to protect her with all their might from now on, and the Lady wonders to herself what has suddenly made them say that, since she thinks they have always done their job professionally. Still, she responds with a polite nod, despite keeping a funny expression on her face.

Back at the headquarters of Team Galactic, Saturn is still busy playing online games, completely oblivious to the presence of the man who is looming over him with a Magnezone and Probopass from behind. Croagunk panics and tries to warn its trainer, but Cyrus suddenly speaks out with his cold voice and demands to know who gave the permission to use their unfinished device.

Saturn freezes in his motions and greets his boss with a stuttering tone, and Cyrus states that the center project their organization ought to be working on now is the Galactic Bomb. Having dug out such an old and malfunctioning machine while they should be busy with something else, Saturn is certainly one bad boy. With that, he begins to pinch Saturn on the arm and twist it around, causing the commander to cry out in pain.

Saturn quickly explains that he knows the Galactic Bomb is the center of their focus now, but in order to complete it, they will need a considerable sum of money, which is why he is resorting to kidnap the daughter of a wealthy family, and the unfinished device is part of this scheme. Cyrus wants to know if they have successfully captured this wealthy family's daughter yet in that case, and Saturn stutters that they have not really found her or a picture of her, but have managed to defeat her two pesky bodyguards. Cyrus clearly sees this as another excuse, and pinches Saturn's arm even harder.

Outside the room, the TG grunt who tried to snatch Lady Berlitz's Pokedex from Dia earlier eavesdrops on the conversation, and thinks to himself about the fact that they don't even have a photo of their target. While his Chingling and Gible clinging on his shoulders, he sends out his Staraptor, and begins flying towards the Lost Tower.

Inside, he orders Gible to search around, and soon finds the broken intercom machine on the floor. The grunt grins that it is an easy thing to come to the actual battleground for a look, and that sometimes it just takes one further step to get what one wants. He muses that Commander Saturn should find time to step out of his room occasionally as well, and begins going through the records of the device's camera. In no time, he locates a video capture of a girl's silhouette, who is no other than the Berlitz family's daughter...

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