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Up in the observation post outside Celadon, a girl with long brown hair hums a soft tune as she looks out into the countryside beyond the city gates with a pair of binoculars. She doesn't have to wait for long before the boy she's waiting for comes into view. A little smirk appears on her face as she jumps to action.

Red has made his way to the gates of Celadon when a wild Mankey approaches to attack him. He immediately releases his Bulbasaur, Saur, which takes care of the pig monkey pokemon in no time. Suddenly, Saur starts to shudder and pant, and Red frantically reaches for his Pokedex to check on its status. The seed on the Saur's back begins to burst and the little pokemon slowly evolves into its second stage, Ivysaur.

Red happily congratulates his pokemon when a cry of joy comes from behind. The boy turns to see the girl in the observation post earlier fervently grinning and applauding to Saur's evolution. She compliments that Red must be a very strong trainer and Red immediately blushes, but then the girl adds that no pokemon can develop its strength to the fullest without good items to assist during battles. She flips out a bunch of items including X-attacks and PP-ups and starts selling them to Red. Red is about to refuse when the girl shoots him a hurt and innocent look, which immediately gets the boy to buy all she has to offer for a rip-off price of 6000 yen.

A while later, Red continues on his way to Celadon with a whole bunch of pokemon items in his arms. Saur, Pika and Poli tag along with indifferent looks on their faces. Red recalls how cute the girl was and wonders why someone as young as she is would be selling things on the street already. Suddenly, a wild Pinsir pops out from the bushes and Red immediately grabs the chance to try out the new items. He uses a PP-up on Pika but it seems to have no effect at all when the stagbeetle pokemon crashes into the little rat. Red frantically straps all the weapons and armour on Pika but the electric rat feels less than secure dressed up like an ancient warrior doll. Another tackle from the Pinsir sends Pika flying high up in the skies and all the accessories crash to the ground into broken pieces. It is only then that Red realizes the items he bought are completely fake.

Later, at the PokemonCentre of Celadon City, an upset Red hands over his battered Pika to the nurse at the healing corner. He then calls Prof. Oak via the virtual phone system to report his progress. A minute later, the professor's face appears on the screen and he instantly congratulates Red for his hard work when he sees the boy's evolved Ivysaur. The old man remarks that he is also aware that Green's Charmander has evolved and that the remaining starter yet to evolve is Squirtle. Red gets confused and Oak explains that Squirtle is the water starter he usually prepares for new trainers and that Bulbasaur, Charmander and Squirtle form a balanced triangle of type advantages and disadvantages. Red gets intrigued and asks about the other trainer who set out with Squirtle, but to his shock, the professor sheepishly tells him that Squirtle has in fact been stolen a while ago.

It is midday at Celadon and a grudgy Red walks down the busy streets as he ponders on the many evil acts around the world. Just then, he notices a small stall selling pokemon items around the corner and recognizes the seller as the girl who tricked him earlier. He immediately snaps at her and starts chasing after her, who flees instantly upon seeing Red. The two continue their chase along a river canal in the city and the girl hurriedly fiddles into her pocket for a pokeball. She tosses it into the water to release a Wartortle, then hops onto the turtle pokemon and speeds away as she turns to grin and wave at an aggrevated Red. Red fishes out a pokeball from his belt and heizes it high above the waters. His newly captured Snorlax, Lax, pops out from the ball and plops down onto the river bed, splashing the water away from the canal and sending the girl and her Wartortle back onshore.

Red walks up to confront the girl as she forces an apologetic smile on her face and thinks hard on a quick plan. She suddenly throws herself around the boy and tells him that she is glad to have caught up with him again. She says that she has been looking around for him to refund his money because she realizes that she has sold him some defected items and feels bad about it. She fakes some tears with her saliva and Red begins to buy into her lie. Suddenly, she pushes the boy off and orders a bubble from her Wartortle, but to her surprise, Red is already prepared and his Lax picks him up onto its shoulders to evade the attack. The boy remarks that a trainer who has earned two badges knows what to expect in pokemon battles. He orders a mega punch from Lax, which smashes the ground and faints the girl as the floor beneath her gives way.

A while later, Red has placed the unconscious girl under a tree with the help of Lax. He searches her purse for the money she tricked him and notices the girl's name, Blue, stitched on it. He then pulls out his Pokedex to check on the data of her Wartortle. He learns that Wartortle is the evolved form of Squirtle and suddenly wonders if the girl has anything to do with the burglary at Oak's Lab. He then decides to let the matter drop and turns to walk off with Lax. What he he doesn't know is that Blue has awaken and is secretly smirking with her eyes closed.

Late at night, at the Celadon Hotel, Red frantically thrashes around his belongings to look for his missing gym badges while Pika, Poli and Saur watch their trainer go beserk. Meanwhile, back at the observation post, Blue sits besides her Wartortle and admires the glistening Boulder and Cascade badges she stole from Red when he carried her. She wonders how much money she would get from selling these badges...

Thanks To Coronis For Writing this for us and doing the pictures

015: VS. Wartortle!

Volume 02

Red's Bulbasaur Evolves into Ivysaur
Red Meets Blue and her Wartortle
Blue steals Red's Badges