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At the Celadon Game Corner, a gang leader of Team Rocket gets annoyed as the search team he dispatched earlier returns and reports their failure to locate the young lady, Blue. Disguised in Team Rocket uniforms, Red silently waits among the other TR members for the gang's next move and recalls what happened earlier...

... After losing his Boulder and Cascade badges, Red has come to conclude that the thief girl he met earlier, Blue, must be the culprit. He flips out a map and tries to figure out her possible current location when he notices two TR members walking by. He overhears the men from behind a tree and learns that they are looking for Blue as well, and wonders what does the girl have to do with such an evil organization. As the two men take separate ways to continue their search, Red trails behind one of them and finds the chance to knock him unconscious, then steals his clothes to disguise himself...

Red patiently waits and listens as the TR gang leader divides the team into three groups and gives order to teams A and B to continue scouting for Blue while team C, which Red is in, to render help in the secret laboratory beneath the Game Corner. The gang leader pushes a secret swtich behind a poster and a hidden pathway opens up behind the wall. Red follows closely as the rest of the team make their way down the dark stairs. Upon arrival at the secret laboratory, Red immediatley sees a purple and white Pokémon chained inside a giant liquid cylinder. Cells and body fragments surround the obviously artificially synthesized Pokémon and the boy notices that the right arm and leg of the Pokémon are still incomplete. A bald old scientist with white moustache and dark glasses walks up to the gang leader and tells him that although the basic body structure of the Pokémon in the cylinder, Mewtwo, has been created, the existing DNA samples of Mew they possess are insufficient to complete the process. The gang leader slams his hand angrily on the table as he curses Blue and says once they retrieve the data disk she stole from them, they would be able to locate Mew. Red secretly overhears all of this and wonders what is the deal with the team's obsession with Mew. Just then, reports come back through the monitors that team A has located Blue. The gang leader orders all teams to head towards the area immediately.

A while later, out in the east of Celadon, Blue and her Wartortle, Turtley, are surrounded by more than twenty TR members, Red included. The gang leader demands the Mew data disk back, but the girl tosses the disk to Turtley, which holds it with its mouth, and remarks that any brutal attack on her Pokémon would destroy the treasure they seek. The team releases their Pokémon and a Machamp and Hitmonlee cautiously charge towards Turtley. The agile little turtle dodges all the punches and kicks and the two fighting Pokémon end up hurting themselves. Blue giggles and shows TR her Boulder and Cascade badges, which she have made into earrings, and brags that a trainer who has earned two badges knows what to expect in Pokémon battles. Red gets infuriated as the girl not only stole his badges but also his words. The gang leader grunts and releases a Tauros, and remarks that the bull is once a leader of wild Pokémon in Safari Zone.

The Tauros starts whipping its three tails rhythmatically and the fallen Hitmonlee and Machamp slowly get up to join the Graveller and Geodude also belonging to TR. Blue is confused at their actions and the gang leader explains with a smirk that Tauros whips itself with its multiple tails to give off a commanding beat that generates synchronized attacks from its followers. The Machamp and Hitmonlee suddenly loom ahead of Blue and pull off a double strike from both sides on Turtley. The data disk of Mew gets knocked out of the its mouth and the gang leader triumphantly catches it, then orders the Tauros to finish off Blue.

The bull Pokémon corners the girl to a cliff when she withdraws Turtley and tosses out another Pokéball to release her Ditto, Ditty. The TR members are surprised to see the weird pink gob while Red worries that the girl has run out of defensive means. He immediately lunges towards Blue and pushes her out of the way as the Tauros narrowly misses them and charges off the cliff instead, taking Ditty with it. Blue instantly recognizes Red and says it is very sweet of him to come to her rescue, but Red impatiently points out that her Ditto has gone down with the enemy's Pokémon.

Suddenly, the Tauros climbs back up the cliff and starts puffing with fury, and the gang leader remarks that Tauros are tough fighters that are not easily taken down. He orders another attack from the bull Pokémon but it starts whipping its tails instead. The gang leader looks on confused as the other TR Pokémon begin turning against their own team members. A Graveller and Geodude tackle down the gang leader and the man yells at Red to help them out. Blue gives and grin and reveals Red identity by yanking off his disguise costume, just as the Hitmonlee knocks the man unconscious with another kick. Red is still confused at all this while Blue releases her Jigglypuff, which draws in air to inflate itself like a giant ballon. Blue grabs Red and holds on to Jigglypuff's foot as they fly off the cliff. Red takes a look at the knocked out Rocket members and is shocked to see the Tauros slowly turning back into a pink gob and finally back to Ditty. Blue withdraws it and explains that Dittos learn a special skill known as transform which allows them to take up any form. Red realizes that TR's Tauros has indeed fallen off the cliff and the one that climbed up afterwards was in fact Ditty.

Back on the cliff, the TR gang leader swears revenge as he watches the two youngsters fly off with the Jigglypuff, but he takes comfort in the fact that they have retrieved the data disk crucial to capturing Mew...

Thanks To Coronis For Writing this for us and doing the pictures

016: VS. Tauros!

Volume 02

Red & Blue Meet Team Rocket
Red Learns about Mewtwo