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Outside the Celedon Game Corner, Blue is crouching in the bushes with Red as she points out to the boy that the secret hideout of Team Rocket lies underneath the game centre. Red already knows this and still cannot understand why they have chosen to come back to their enemies after all the hassle to escape earlier, but Blue tells him to keep quiet. Red recalls the loss of the data disk and remarks that the Rockets won't be looking for them anymore. But then Blue lets out a grin and flips out another data disk. Red is shocked and the girl reveals that the one that TR snagged from her was fake. She adds that with the help of the data from the disk, she'll be able to locate Mew. Red asks about this mysterious Pokémon TR is after and Blue has her Ditto, Ditty, transform into Mew, which Red immediately recognizes as the lean and white Pokémon he encountered in the Pallet woods a while ago. Blue orders the transformed Ditty to go off into the fields and explains to Red that she would distract the Rockets by a fake Mew while she goes looking for the real one in the area.

In the secret laboratory beneath the Game Corner, the TR gang leader crushes the data disk angrily as he learns that it is fake. He hisses that the key to capture Mew is on the disk and without it, they would be hopeless in locating the elusive Pokémon. Just then, one of their hidden cameras out in the fields send back an image capture of Mew and the gang leader immediately orders his team to dispatch towards the area, despite his doubt of the creature's sudden appearance.

Red and Blue watch silently in the bushes as the TR members rush out of their secret hideout to go after the fake Mew in the fields. Red wonders if Ditty is able to put up a fight and Blue says that the transformed Pokémon would be able to fool the Rockets for a while, although it lacks the mighty strength the real Mew possesses. The girl then takes out a modified pair of binoculars, which she named the Mew-locating Scope, and explains that every psychic Pokémon generates a unique wave pattern when using psychic abilities. She tells Red that with the information on the Mew data disk, she has constucted this scope specialized in detecting the wave emitted by Mew. Blue puts on the scope and the two begin searching around the Celadon countryside for the elusive psychic pokmon.

After a while, still unable to locate Mew even after detecting signals from the south-eastern side, Red tells Blue about the ferocious-looking Pokémon he saw in TR's secret laboratory. He says that the Rocket's purpose for finding Mew is about generic engineering and asks Blue's reason for going after the Pokémon. The girl says it's solely for money and Red is shocked about this. Blue goes on to explain that contrary to common belief that only 150 Pokémon exist, Mew is the mythical and elusive 151th Pokémon that many breeders in the world seek after. She remarks that she would earn a fortune if she can capture the Pokémon. Red gets annoyed and sighs about the fact that Blue treats Pokémon as high-priced pets.

Just then, signals on Blue's scope screen goes rampant and a bright white flash shoots across the sky. The two instantly find themselves trapped inside a swirling hurricane and Red wonders what has caused the sudden gale. Blue takes another look into her scope and points out that the turbulent air currents are caused by psychokinetic powers. Suddenly, the actual Mew comes into view and Red is stunned at the sight. Blue snaps him out of his haze and tells him to help her with the capture. The two immediately release Saur and Turtley and notice the agility of the psychic Pokémon. Red remarks that Saur's vines won't be able to stop it with its current speed and Blue orders Turtley to slow it down with a hydropump. Water starts sprouting out from random spots on the ground and Mew is forced to move between the massive water columns. Red correctly anticipates the psychic Pokémon's track and successfully traps it with Saur's vines as Blue cheers happily.

But the girl's thrill is cut short when a huge boulder crashes to the ground behind them, narrowly missing the two. They turn around to find TR members led by the gang leader and his Jynx glaring angrily at them, and watches as they toss a battered Ditty onto the ground. Blue realizes the Rockets have busted her trick and withdraws Ditty as the Jynx fires a psybeam towards them. Saur begins to lose its grip on Mew from the psychic vibrations, but then Red runs in front of his companions and take in all the damage while telling Blue to grab Mew and flee. The boy yells that he would not allow TR to make use of Mew to create evil Pokémon and orders Blue to hurry. The gang leader gets annoyed and tells Jynx to release a psywave. The attack shatters through the area and leaves Red and Blue holding their ears in pain. Saur's grip on Mew snaps and the psychic Pokémon goes tumbling into the sky. The gang leader immediately orders Jynx to grab Mew but Red releases his Poli to block off the humanshape Pokémon with a punch. The Jynx counteracts with its ice powers and freezes Poli while Mew wiggles free of the vines still around it.

Mew shoots an angry glare at the gang leader and starts to glow with a bright white light. It releases a blinding flash and instantly turns the man and his Jynx immobile. The psychic Pokémon takes a final look at Red and Blue before soaring off into the skies in a hurricane. Blue softly mutters the Pokémon's name and falls to her knees with a gentle sigh. Red tries to cheer her up but discovers that the girl is secretly giggling to herself. She holds up her polaroid with a grin and happily exclaims that she will earn a lot of money with this exclusive photo shoot she took of Mew here in Celadon. Red gets furious that the girl still found time to take snapshots when he was desperately battling for life earlier, but Blue has already taken off with her Jigglypuff and says she will sell the photo big.

Still upset, Red fiddles in his pocket and finds a little piece of paper. He unwraps it and finds his two lost badges plus a little note from Blue thanking him for helping her out. He gazes into the sky with a sigh as the girl waves goodbye and disappears into the horizon...

Thanks To Coronis For Writing this for us and doing the pictures

017: VS. Jynx!

Volume 02

Red & Blue see Mew and try to Con TR