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At the Game Corner item exchange stand, people stare in awe as Green hands over his three full buckets of coins and receives a pokeball from the man behind the counter. The man wants to know if Green has any experience with traded pokemons and the boy wonders why he asked that. The man explains that training a pokemon which you didn't capture is a lot trickier than dealing with one that you did. Green thinks on the man's words for a while, then walks off with the new pokeball in his hand.

Out in the countryside of Celadon, Red is on his way to leave this city which caused him enough trouble when he hears a familiar yell from behind. He turns around and is just in time to spot a Porygon dashing by before another boy crashes into him. The impact causes the two boys' pokeballs to scatter on the ground and Red looks up to find Green to be the one he bumped into. Green gets up and scowls at his Porygon before withdrawing it. Red gets excited to see the rare virtual pokemon and wonders where Green captured it. The other boy impatiently explains that he exchanged it in the Game Corner and hurries off on his way after gathering up his pokeballs from the ground.

Red sighs how he and Green never get along as he picks up his own scattered pokeballs. Just then, a cry of help comes from behind and Red turns to see two young ladies being attacked by a wild Rhydon, Marowak and Graveller. The boy immediately rushes to their rescue and tosses out a pokeball, but to his surprise, a Charmeleon pops out instead of his own pokemon. He frantically scrambles for his other pokeballs, only to discover that his Pika, Poli and Saur are gone and replaced by a Pidgeot, Golduck, Scyther and Machoke. The two young ladies gets starry-eyed immediately upon seeing the pokemon lineup and mistakes Red for Green, whom has apparently established fame in quite a lot of places. Red decides to go with the flow and orders a flamethrower from Charmeleon, but the fire lizard ignores the boy as the wild Rhydon squishes him under his feet and walks away with the other attackers.

Later, a disheartened Red is trying to find Green in the woods nearby after realizing the two of them have mistakenly picked up the wrong pokeballs after crashing into each other. The boy sighs as he recalls the looks of disgust the two ladies shot him earlier after calling him a fake. He takes a look at his Pokedex while Green's pokemons squint at him with hostility. The five pokemons start to go on a rampage and storm back and forth in the area. Red knows that he would not be able to command them due to their lack of trust and loyalty in him. He then decides to call off training and battling for a while and pulls off his clothes. He calls out to Green's pokemons as he dives into the stream and suggests the pokemons to relax and have some fun before finding their trainer. Green's Charmeleon and Pidgeot look at the boy and then at each other, baffled.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the woods, Red's pokemons are also on a rampage as Green checks on their data in his Pokedex. He realizes by mistakenly switching pokeballs with Red, he has technically traded his own pokemons away as they do not appear on his active part list anymore. He recalls what the man at the Game Corner exchange stand said about training another trainer's pokemons being trickier, and decides to test his skills in taming Red's pokemons.

Three days later, Red is cooking his dinner besides a fire while Green's pokemons continue to ignore him. Red flips out his newly captured Diglett, Dig, and Krabby, Kra, and wonders how Pika, Poli and Saur are. Just then, the boy spots a fire flaring up in the dark up on the little hill not far from him. He notices some white furly tails swaying back and forth and instantly recognizes them as a Ninetales's. Up on the hill, Green is facing off a wild Ninetales with Red's Pika. He orders the electric rat to use the new toxic attack he taught it and remarks that pokemons should learn a wide variety of attacks apart from those of their own types. Pika lets out another thunderbolt at the Ninetales and the fox pokemon turns to flee. Green immediately gives chase as the Ninetales runs into Red, who is on his way to the scene.

The Ninetales spurts a flamethrower at Red and the boy instinctively releases Green's Machoke to fend off the flames. Green catches up with them and scowls at Red for putting his Machoke's life at risk. Red runs up to his panting Pika and also accuses Green of overworking his pokemons. Green's Machoke continues to wrestle with the Ninetales when it suddenly starts to shudder and glow. The two boys stare in shock as the fighting pokemon evolves into its final stage, Machamp, and pins the wild fox onto the ground. Red and Green both toss out an empty pokeball and one of them traps the Ninetales in. The two boys start fighting over the newly caught pokemon but Green ends up winning. The two trade their own pokemons back from one another and Green wonders why his pokemons have all adopted jolly attitudes.

Red decides to head towards the Cycling Road next and calls for his Pika, Poli and Saur to continue on their journey, but then he notices something wrong about them. His three pokemons now have cold and ferocious looks like Green's pokemons instead of their usual jolly ones. Red gets disheartened again and curses Green for what he did to his pokemons as a stern-looking Pika, Poli and Saur trot after their trainer...

Thanks To Coronis For Writing this for us and doing the pictures

018: VS. Ninetales!

Volume 02

Green obtains a Porygon
Red Catches a Diglett
Red Catches a Krabby
Green's Machoke evolves into Machamp
Green Catches a Ninetales
Red & Green Accidently switch Pokémon