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Red has arrived at the infamous Safari Zone of Fuchsia City which is known to be the home of many exotic pokemons. After leaving his own pokemons behind with the guards at the entrance, he happily trots down the stairs leading into the park and embarks onto a wooden sampan with two mecha-pidgeys on it. The introductary announcement being broadcasted at the entrance explains that the two mecha pokemons would be the tour guides of the visitors, and that there are hidden cameras all over the park to monitor their progress. Red takes a look at the two odd machines perching on the side of the sampan and proceeds to take off.

As the boy ventures along the river, he gets excited as rare pokemons like Parasect and Exeggcute come into view. A wild Dragonair jumps out of the water and the boy gasps in bewilderment as the pokemon's glistening body glimmers in the sunlight. Suddenly, the sampan comes to a halt and Red wonders what is going on. One of the mecha-pidgeys remarks that they are programmed to stop everytime a rare pokemon moment is detected. The boy turns around and sees two Nidokings fighting, and the mecha-pidgey explains that the two drill giants are fighting over a Nidoqueen. One of the Nidokings delivers a massive blow to the other and Red exclaims in surprise.

Up in the monitor room of the Safari Zone, the warden asks his technicians about the park's security system and a man reassures him that the mecha-pidgeys have been programmed to detect dangers and ensure their visitors' safety. Back in the park, Red is amazed at the power of the Nidoking and decides to capture it. He grins to himself and pulls out an empty pokeball he has hidden away from the guards. He makes sure the two mecha-pidgeys are not watching and hurls the ball towards the two fighting Nidokings. Unfortunately, the ball misses the two and captures the Nidoqueen next to them instead. The two mecha-pidgeys screech in panic as the two Nidokings start storming towards them in a fury. Red tries to get his sampan moving but one Nidoking thrashes its fist into the little boat, crushing the whole thing, and sends the boy drowning and sinking into the waters.

A few moments later, Red wakes up to find himself stranded in another region of the Safari Zone. Only one mecha-pidgey remains with him and the little machine angrily accuses the boy of breaking the park rules. It remarks that with the sampan destroyed, they will have to navigate on foot to get to the exit. Red wonders why the two Nidokings acted so hostile towards visitors and the mecha-pidgey explains that pokemons in the Safari Zone are untamed, and one of its jobs is to make sure captures are only attempted when conditions are safe. It does this by storing the capture devices and only releases them only when no danger is detected. It explains that it was pure luck that he traps the Nidoqueen with a normal pokeball because normally, the ferocious wild pokemons in the park can only be captured by the specially designed safari balls. Its stomach opens up and a pokeball with yellow and green stripes pops out. Red picks up the ball and is about to ask something else when he hears a rumble behind the bushes. The Nidoking that attacked him earlier comes into view and it has apparently followed him all the way down the river. It glares its fangs and prepares another assault with its fist. Red tosses the safari ball towards the thrashing beast but it swipes it off with ease. The mecha-pidget complains that the boy is simly wasting safari balls and says that wild pokemons in the Safari Zone need to be weakened as well before attempting a capture.

Red and the mecha-pidgey narrowly avoid a fatal punch from the Nidoking and the boy watches in shock as the cracked ground gets burnt with acid. He realizes that his attacker produces poison in its claws and thinks hard on a strategy to get out of the situation. He picks up a rock and hurls it towards the Nidoking. It hits the beast square-faced but ends up getting it more aggravated as Red springs to his feet to flee.

Back in the monitor room, the technicians are trying to establish a connection to Red's mecha-pidgeys but no signals can be received. The warden comforts Red's Pika and Saur and tells them that their trainer will be fine. One man confirms that one of the mecha-pidgets have been damaged but the other is apparently still with the boy. Pika and Saur exchange a worried look with each other and wonder if Red is alright.

Outside, the Nidoking is still on Red's tail and it continues to thrash around and crush things with its poisonous claws. One time, the acid oozing out from the cracked ground splashes onto Red's legs and the boy drops to the floor, wincing in pain. The Nidoking is about to deliver its final blow when the mecha-pidgey gets in the way and takes the attack for the boy. The little machine crashes to the floor and Red gets furious. He picks up a rocky shard from the floor and leads his ferocious attacker into the bushes. Once the wild pokemon loses sight of him, he hurls the shard towards it and succeeds in bliding its left eye. With the Nidoking growling in pain, Red hurriedly picks up the damaged mecha-pidgey and runs into the woods.

A few hours later, night has fallen in the Safari Zone and Red is still lost inside the massive park. He thanks the mecha-pidgey for helping him and asks if it is hurt, but the little machine impatiently snaps its head away and says machines do not feel pain and it was simply doing its duty to protect its visitor. It remarks that a trainer with minimum battle skills would find his way out of the dangerous zone in no time. Red wonders what it means and the mecha-pidgey coldly states that it has never seen a trainer as lousy as he is. Red gets ticked off and is about to protest when a vine silently creeps behind him and without warning, yanks him up into the air. The mecha-pidgey screeches in horror as it recognizes the vine being a Victreebell's and urges the boy to escape before he gets digested by the pokemon's deadly juices.

The vines entangle themselves around Red and the boy thrashes helplessly as the Victreebell gaps its mouth wide and pushes its prey down with the draping leaf on its head...

Thanks To Coronis For Writing this for us and doing the pictures

021: VS. Nidoking!

Volume 02

Red Catches a Nidoqueen