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Out in the waters of Route 19, Red is using the Item Finder to locate the HM03 with his Poliwrath, Poli, and Krabby, Kra. The two light bulbs on the device start to blink as the boy recalls learning about the HM from Prof. Oak earlier. Oak has told him that out of the 5 HM moves, his Pika has learnt Flash, his Saur Cut, his Lax Strength, and that he still lacks the two skills Fly and Surf. The old man has also remarked that in order to progress to his next destination, the Seafoam Islands, he would need the Surf HM to help him across the waters. Red gets a little ticked off when he remembers Green's Golduck has already learnt the move and hurries on with his search for the HM. A few moments later, the two light bulbs on the Item Finder light up completely and the boy spots a pokeball lying among rocks on the sea bed. He is about to dive deeper to claim his find when a school of Magikarps and Tentacools suddenly swarm in front of him. The boy wonders what is going on and turns around to find a huge Dragonite swimming towards him. He gasps in horror as the dragon pokemon flaps its tail and sends him flying out of the waters and landing on his bottoms on the rocks onshore.

Red gets frustrated and wonders how will he be able to go near the HM with the massive creature lurking in the waters like a wrath. Left with no choices, the boy decides to resort to his Pika and rely on its electric advantage in water battles. Pika feels uncertain but goes with its trainer's orders anyway. With Saur's vines tied around its waist, the little rat slowly swims towards the Dragonite, which appears to be enjoying the waters, and unleashes a thundershock towards the creature's back. The Dragonite turns around with a aggrevated look on its face and Pika realizes it's in big trouble. Red motions Saur to draw up its vines and as soon as Pika resurfaces, the angry Dragonite leaps out of the waters with glaring eyes. Red releases his Snorlax, Lax, and has it body slam the dragon pokemon immediately.

While the two giant creatures continue their fight, the boy takes the chance to retrieve the HM, but his plan falls short when Lax and the Dragonite's combined weight start to cause the rocky shore to crumble. Lax gets knocked over and smashes into the rocks, turning the small piece of ground Red is standing on to fall apart and throwing the boy into the waters. Red holds his breath and tries to reach for the HM, but the Dragonite dives in and destroys the device with a hyperbeam. The attack also stirs up the sea bed and a massive boulder lands on Red's right leg, pinning him to the bottom of the sea and rendering him immobile. The boy weakly calls for his Poli and is starting to lose his breath when a Gyarados suddenly pops out from nowhere and entangles itself around the Dragonite. In his haze, Red sees a mermaid-like creature coming to his rescue while the two dragons battle out.

In a flash of eye, the mermaid moves away the boulder and brings the boy to the surface and just as immediately disappears. Red regains his consciouness and finds himself clinging onto a Starmie. He takes a look at the Gyarados and feels a sense of nostalgia when the creature turns to grin at him. The Dragonite fires another hyperbeam and Red immediately tells the Gyarados to counter with the same attack. The two hyperbeams meet with a loud bang and sends water gushing up in every direction As the smoke slowly clears, the Dragonite lets out a cry and plummets into the sea with a loud thump. Red cheers for the victory when a girl suddenly leaps out from the waters and lands on Gyarados. The boy recognizes her as the Cerulean gymleader, Misty, and is shocked to see her there.

Misty holds up the destroyed HM03 and says the device has been rendered dysfunctional. Red gets upset and the gymleader offers to give him a ride towards the Seafoam Islands on her Gyarados. The boy lightens up and the two give a thumbs-up to each other...

Thanks To Coronis For Writing this for us and doing the pictures

024: VS. Dragonite!

Volume 02

Red re-meets Misty