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At the Cinnbar Mansion, Team Rocket members are fumbling through books and documents in a room and turning the place upside down to search for the information they need. The gang leader angrily crushes a pile of papers in his hands and curses Blaine for hiding some of his finds from them.

Out in the sea, Red is crossing the waters and heading for Cinnabar Island on his Gyarados, which he named Gyara. As they near the volcanic little island, the boy sees a fire onshore and orders his new party member to speed up. Upon arrival, Red climbs up the steep cliff towards the burning site and is shocked to find TR members facing off a Rapidash and an Arcanine with a Gengar. The boy clings onto the edge of the cliff and wonders who is the trainer of the two fire pokemons. Arcanine and Rapidash unleash huge blasts of fire but Gengar diverts the attacks away with its psychic powers. A ball of flame flies towards Red and he lets out a yelp as it narrowly misses him, but this gets the attention of the gang leader and the TR members are instantly over him. The gang leader says that all onlookers are to be killed and is about to order his Gengar to finish off the boy when an old bald man with moustache and sunglasses emerge from the woods to stop him. He is known as Blaine and is in fact the same scientist Red encountered in the underground TR lab beneath the Celadon Game Corners.

The gang leader smirks and says it's ironic how it takes a little kid to lure the old man out. He orders a nightshade from Gengar and the attack instantly causes Blaine to hold his head in pain. Red gets agitated by this and secretly fumbles for a pokeball on his belt to release Gyara. The sea dragon fires a hydropump to blast down the stunned TR members and the boy yells for the old man to make his escape. Blaine hops onto his Rapidash and gathers Red up in his arms before leaping off the cliff. The TR members immediately give chase as the two introduce themselves to each other. Red asks what is it that TR is after and Blaine explains that he used to be a scientist working for their organization, much to the boy's surprise. A ball of red and orange flame catches up with them and starts unleashing a barrage of fire blasts. Red releases his Poli and orders a water gun, but the attack hardly slows the ball of fire and it soon speeds in front of Rapidash. Blaine stares in awe as the thing opens up its wings and reveals itself to be the legendary fire bird, Moltres. Back on the cliff, the TR gang leader watches all this with his men and remarks that Blaine should now regret betraying their team. He adds with a smirk that this legendary pokemon they caught in Victory Road is a stubborn attacker and would not cease until its enemies are burnt to ash.

Blaine orders a firespin from his Rapidash but Moltres easily flaps it off with his burning wings. Red then tries a hydropump from Gyara but the bird is too quick to get hit by the attack. It charges up a beam in its beak and blasts the old scientist and the boy with another barrage of fireballs. All battered up, Blaine asks if Red possesses any flying pokemons and says it would definitely require an agile flyer to beat the legendary bird. Red says his doesn't when Moltres fires another attack to knock him off his feet. The old amber he received from Giovanni earlier falls out to the ground and Blaine immediately picks it up to examine it. He exclaims that it is a pokemon fossil that can be resurrected as Red ushers him away from Moltres's attacks. The old scientist tells the boy that with their current situation, the legendary fire bird would end them both sooner or later. He stuffs the amber back to Red before throwing him onto Rapidash, and says the fire horse pokemon would take him to a secret laboratory deep in the island. He tells the boy to use the old amber there, then borrows his Gyara to keep Moltres busy. As the Rapidash speeds away, Blaine gives the boy a thumbs-up sign and tells him to trust him even though they've only met the first time. Red is a little unsure and turns around to watch the old scientist battle out the legendary fire bird with his Gyara before disappearing into the woods.

A few moments later, Red arrives in a cave and the Rapidash presses on a secret switch on the wall with the tip of its head. A huge metal door opens and the boy finds himself inside a room full of machines and research documents. Rapidash suddenly throws him onto the floor and the boy curses it for being rude. He starts getting worried and says it must be a trick of Blaine's to trap him in the secret laboratory. Rapidash gets mad at the boy for saying something bad about its trainer and kicks him towards a book shelf with its hind legs. Red crawls up from the pile of books and finds that the fire horse pokemon has brought to him a research file with the title 'Pokemon Fossils Resurrection'. He quickly reads through the document and starts searching around for the resurrection device it mentions. At the corner of the room, he finds a huge dome-shaped machine with a capsule in the middle and places the old amber in it. The boy hesitates for a moment and pulls on the switch handle as the piece of transparent yellow stone begins to glow.

Out on the small piece of land beyong the cliff, Blaine is struggling hard to survive Moltres's fire attacks. The old scientist directs Gyara to unleash another attack and prays for Red to resurrect the fossil as soon as possible. Back in the secret lab, the old amber slowly cracks open and the little worm-like creature inside starts to grow and enlarge. In a flash of light, the anceint pokemon, Aerodactyl, emerges from the machine as Red stares at it in awe. The grey and purple dinosaur-like creature turns around to pick the boy up and fires a beam towards the ceiling of the room. The attack creates a hole and the pokemon immediately lifts off into the air, leaving its new trainer gasping in shock.

Blaine and Gyara are now completely surrounded by fire and the old scientist is already completely worn out. He remembers the genetic engineered pokemon, Mewtwo, he created and regrets not being able to track it down and stop it from causing havoc in the world after its escape from the lab a while ago. Moltres hovers high above and is about is finish off the old man when Red arrives with his Aerodactyl just in time to stop it. Blaine weakly lets out a sigh of relief and falls off Gyara, but the boy has Aerodactyl catch the him before he hits the ground. Red settles Blaine onto the floor and lifts off again to fight the legendary fire bird. Aerodactyl screeches a supersonic towards Moltres and the bird instantly gets confused and imagines its own wings breaking off. It thrashes in pain in the air and the TR gang leader immediately retrieves it with a hyperball. Red watches the TR members run off but Blaine tells him to let them go. The old man thanks the boy for his help and says he still has some responsibilities to take care of. He explains that he has created a biological weapon which might endanger the world and that he has to find a way to track it down and capture it. He points towards the northern coast of the island and says the water route there would lead the boy back to Pallet Town. The old man then turns to leave as Red silently watches him go.

At the Silph. Company Building of Saffron City, Sabrina remains expressionless as the gang leader returns with Moltres and apologizes for his failed attempt. Behind her, Koga is standing besides Articuno and remarks that it's surprising how an expedition with the legendary fire bird would still fail to get Blaine back. Just then, Lt. Surge appears on the monitor screen of the room and reports that Zapdos has been successfully captured at the Power Plant. Images of the three legendary birds come onto the screen one by one as the Team Rocket leader, Giovanni, remarks with a smirk that after the long wait since their failed Mewtwo scheme, their new plan with the birds can finally be put into action...

Thanks To Coronis For Writing this for us and doing the pictures

026: VS. Moltres!

Volume 02

Red Sees Moltres who is under TR's Control
Red revives an Aerodactyl
Red gains a Volcano Badge