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At the science lab in Pallet Town, Daisy pats on the head of a Wigglytuff and tells it that it is fully healed. Chansey hands the health record of Wigglytuff to her, and she thanks the pink egg pokemon for helping her out. Suddenly, Daisy hears Prof. Oak yelling from the room next door, and rushes over to check on him. The professor shouts frantically towards the visual phone system as he loses contact with Brock, Misty and Erika. Daisy asks what's happening, and Oak exclaims that Pewter, Cerulean and Celadon and on the verge of utter destruction. The two rush out of the lab and gasp in shock as they see fire and smoke arising from the distant three cities. Daisy wonders who started the attacks, and Oak slowly mutters that the Elite 4 have finally unleashed their full attack.

At Cerulean, Misty orders a waterfall and supersonic combined attack from her Goldeen, but the Gengars are only temporarily stunned and get up on their feet again soon. Misty wonders how is she ever going to handle such a giant army of ghost pokemons. Checking on the status of the three cities from his monitoring system, Oak is still trying contact the three gymleaders and Daisy says she's worried about Yellow. Oak explains that the young trainer has headed off towards the headquarters of the Elite 4 on Cerise Island with Blaine. He adds that it is probably the best time to confront the enemy, since most of the Elite 4's forces have been sent out to destroy the cities of Kanto.

In the stalactite cave on Cerise Island, Blaine and Green gasp in shock as they find the former three TR executives waiting for them. Blaine says he thought the three didn't survive the collapse of the Silph Co. Building, and Green demands to know why they are there. Sabrina grins and says she will do the explanation later, as she senses that someone else has just landed on the island. In another cave, Lorelei looks at her compact mirror and tells Lance that their enemies have intruded the island. The caped young man says he expected that, and asks where Bruno is. Lorelei laughs that the big man still has no idea what had become of Red, and has once again gone off to Mt. Moon to search for the boy hoping to resume their unfinished battle. Lance tells her to summon him back quick, and turns to leave after grabbing the Gym Badge Energy Amplifier.

Meanwhile, on Mt. Moon, Bruno gazes up at the night sky and wonders where Red has gone to. He looks over the cliff where he battled the boy, and begins to recall the whole incident...

On this one fine day two months ago, Red arrives at Mt. Moon after receiving the letter of challenge signed under the name of Bruno. Stepping onto a rocky cliff, Red wonders why his challenger still hasn't show. He announces his arrival out loud, but no one seems to respond and he decides to leave after a while. Suddenly, the ground below him jags up and reveals itself to be a giant Onix. Red hops off immediately and prepares to battle as a man slowly emerges from the rocks. The man introduces himself as Bruno of the Elite 4, and hurls his nunchucks forward. The pokeball attached to its end bursts open to release a Hitmonlee, and the boy quickly releases Pika to counter the fighting pokemon's kick with a thunderwave. Red asks what the Elite 4 is, but Bruno ignores him and orders a high jump kick from Hitmonlee. Pika once again fends it off with a thunderwave, but the Hitmonlee suddenly bends its flexible leg around from the side and knocks the electric rat down.

Red exclaims that Hitmonlees don't have such a wide movment range, and instantly realizes that his challenger is no ordinary trainer. Over the past two years, he has faced various challengers across the land, but for the first time, he feels that he could engage in a truly interesting battle. Noticing the way Bruno spins his nunchucks, he quickly understands that the device is to increase the speed of pokemons during their release from the pokeballs. With the man's muscular built, he can further shorten the attacking distance by his powerful hurls. Bruno tosses forward the other end of the nunchucks and releases a Hitmonchan, but Red is fully prepared and calls out Poli. The big blue frog stops the punch of Hitmonchan and quickly delivers a double-slap. Hitmonchan attempts another punch but Poli counters again with the same tactics. Poli soon grabs hold of both of Hitmonchan's punching gloves, and is about to unleash a seismic toss when it suddenly starts to lose its strength and faints. Red hollers in shock and wonders what's going on. Bruno grins and says that Hitmonchan has used a thunderpunch, firepunch combo. While it caused distraction with an ineffective fire attack on its right punch, it was constantly beating away Poli's HP with a super effective electric attack on its left punch.

Amazed by the man's thoughtful tactics, Red vows with a smile that he will give his best and proceeds to release his Gyara. He hops onto the sea dragon while Bruno climbs on his Onix. The big man tells Red that he shares the same passion for pokemon battles, and promises to make it a good one as well. Lorelei and Agatha watch wordlessly from afar as the two engage in a heated man to man challenge...

Thanks To Coronis For Writing this for us and doing the pictures

066: VS. Poliwrath!

Volume 06

Cerulean, Celadon & Pewter Go Up in Smoke
Green & Blaine Meet Koga, Surge & Sabrina
The Elite Four remember the battle Bruno had with Red