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Near the abandoned power plant, a young Lorelei cries over her Seel as it begins to suffocate from being exposed to too much industrial waste. Agatha appears out of nowhere and orders her Gastly to suck away the toxic substance, and the sea lion pokemon soon regains it health. Young Lorelei exclaims with joy as Agatha curses how humans pollute the natural habitat of pokemons with their materialistic desires. She asks if Lorelei hates people for poisoning her pokemon, and the little girl nods. The old woman then decides to recruit her as a member of her team...

Agatha asks what Lorelei is thinking about, and the young woman says she's just recalling the day that they met. The two continue to watch from afar as Red and Bruno engage themselves in a fierce battle. Gyara unleashes a hydropump, but Onix twirls its body and easily avoids the water attack. It then entangles itself around the sea dragon's body and makes it impossible to fire another hydropump. Bruno grins that type advantages aren't always the determining factor in a battle, and Red thinks hard for a strategy. He orders Gyara to use bite on Onix and the giant rock serpent quickly falls away. It starts burrowing into the ground, and Red realizes it is using dig. Knowing that Onixs can move up to 80km per hour underground, he quickly calls out Saur and has it build an extensive vine net across the whole area. Onix bursts out of the ground from behind and the vine net quickly fastens itself onto its head. Bruno grins that Red is smart but still isn't careful enough. Onix's tail emerges from the other end, and crumbles the ground where Red and Saur are standing with its entire body. The boy loses his footing and starts to fall into an underground tunnel.

Looking around at the maze-like passageways that Onix created with its dig, Red listens intently for the rock serpent to appear. It starts charging out from one of the tunnels, and Red quickly orders a skull-bash from Saur. Just as the two pokemons are about to collide, Bruno suddenly yells for a time-out and the boy wonders what's going on. He turns around and is surprised to find a colony of Digletts travelling across. He takes out his Pokedex and reads that Digletts often make use of tunnels created by Onixs for migration, and that they evolve into Dugtrios once they find a new home. He also learns that Dugtrios are important for loosening the soil for plants, and Bruno remarks with a smile that each pokemon has their own important role in the vast world of nature.

Knowing that they both share the same love and care for pokemons, the two decide to resume their battle. Suddenly, Bruno drops to his knees and begins to shake in pain. Red wonders what is going on, and Lorelei slowly enters the tunnel with Agatha. The young woman says that Bruno is right about each pokemon playing vital roles in nature, but humans are slowly disrupting this delicate balance. Red doesn't understand what she means, and Lorelei sighs that humans and pokemons cannot co-exist. Mankind more than often drives pokemons to extinction with their materialistic desires, and that it would be ideal if no humans exist in this world except a few who would truly appreciate pokemons. Agatha then grins and takes out the Gym Badge Energy Amplifier.

Red snaps back in shock as he recognizes the evil device. Agatha explains with a smirk that they will only be able to create such an ideal homeland for pokemons if they could possess a force powerful enough to change the world. Lorelei reveals that Red was invited there because he is the only one who has met Giovanni, the elusive Viridian Gymlader who possesses the Green badge, the eigth and final energy badge in Kanto...

Thanks To Coronis For Writing this for us and doing the pictures

067: VS. Diglett!

Volume 06

Red continues his battle with Bruno
Red meets Agatha who reveals her plans involving the Earth Badge