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Red listens with shock as Lorelei explains that he was brought there to help them locate Giovanni. Seeing the Gym Badge Energy Amplifier that once caused disastrous consequences and not understanding why Bruno suddenly start wiggling in pain on the ground, Red decides to escape while he still can and releases Aero. The fossil pokemon clutches onto its trainer and begins to lift off, but Lorelei calls out her Jynx and traps the boy with its long hair. Lorelei demands to know the location of Giovanni and the Green Badge, but Red truly has no idea and has no information to share. Jynx pulls the boy off his Aerodactyl and throws him down onto the ground. Lorelei sees that Red sincerely knows nothing they want, and decides to reveal their second intention for bringing him there.

It turns out that the Elite 4 are hoping to recruit Red as one of them, and assist them in the plan to create the ideal homeland for pokemons. Lorelei remarks that they've recognized Red's battling skills during the Pokemon League, and that his battle with Bruno proved that he is worthy as a companion. Red, however, quickly refuses the offer and releases his full team to fight. Lorelei smirks and says it is not a wise choice to go against them. Jynx, Gastly and Hitmonlee then unleash a combined attack and knock down all of Red's pokemons in no time. Stunned by the enormous force of his enemies, Red bends down to check on his pokemons, but Lorelei laughs that things aren't over yet and Jynx begins to create an ice figure of Red. Lorelei remarks that refusing to become one of them is equivalent to being their enemy, and takes out her lipstick to draw crosses on the little ice figure.

Red gasps in shock as ice cuffs start to materialize around his fists and ankles. Jynx moulds another ice figure of Pika, and the electric rat gets its limbs trapped with ice cuffs as well after Lorelei draws crosses on it with her lipstick. Agatha then orders Gastly to fill the whole area with mist and haze, and smirks that Red won't be able to leave the mountain. The old woman adds that Bruno is under her control, and wouldn't remember about what happened just then in the tunnels. The two turn to leave, and a possessed Bruno continues to assault the boy with his Hitmonlee. The kicking pokemon smashes the ground where Red is standing, and brutally delivers a jump kick on his chest while he falls. Red weakly clings onto the sides of the cliff as Pika screams frantically. The ice cuffs around his fists and ankles begin to expand and freeze his limbs, and Red tells Pika to run away while it still can.

Red remarks that Pika can find its way down the mountain with its radar-like tail, and orders it to find its way back to Pallet and alert Oak about the evil plans of the Elite 4. Giving its trainer a final look, Pika turns back in agony and runs off. The Hitmonlee begins to give chase after it as Red loses his grip on the cliff. He falls into a dark cave below, and a piece of his glove gets torn off by the rocks. The boy starts to think over his command to Pika. Even though the electric rat can make it all the way back to Pallet, how will it be able to notify the professor without knowing how to speak the human language? He prays that someone will be able to read Pika's thoughts as his whole body begins to turn into an ice sculpture...

It is still night time on Cerise Island. Pika bolts up from its sleep and starts to pant hard. Yellow realizes Pika has once again dreamt of Red and gently pats on the little pokemon's head. She knows that part of Pika's memory has been unconsciously locked up, and wonders what it would take to free its mind. A voice suddenly calls out to her from above, and Yellow looks up to find Blue and Bill flying on a giant Jigglypuff...

Thanks To Coronis For Writing this for us and doing the pictures

068: VS. Jigglypuff!

Volume 06

Red refuses to join the Elite Four
Red sends Pika to Pallet to warn Oak of the Elite Fours Plans Blue & Bill meet up with Yellow