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Yellow gaps her mouth wide open in surprise as Blue and Bill dislodge from Jiggly and land in front of her. She shakes hands again with Bill, and Blue tells her that they are there to assist her. Yellow explains that she took a rest because she wanted to wait until morning before moving around on the island, and Blue compliments that the young trainer has certainly learnt to be careful since she set out on her journey. Blue then decides to put on a coat, saying that the weather seems colder on the island, and tells Yellow not to worry as she is experienced in travelling in the dark. Bill watches the conversation between the two, and remembers Blue saying she's the one who sent Yellow on the quest. Yet he still hasn't learnt of who Yellow really is, and wonders how much of the young trainer is Blue keeping from him.

Yellow asks why Bill is with Blue, and the girl embarrassedly pulls everyone on her Jiggly before the young man could explain about her breaking into his house. Blue calls out her Horsea, Horsy, and orders it to create a smokescreen around Jiggly. She then puts on her psychic wave detector, and has Jiggly lift them off after sucking in enough air to inflate itself. Flying across the island with a smokescreen to camouflage them, Blue sees a whole bunch of Slowbros roaming across the land. She realizes that they are there to detect intruders and feels glad that she took the airway.

Yellow is havng trouble reading the map, and Bill impatiently tells her to hand it over. Blue complains about Bill being too noisy, and the map accidentally falls off Jiggly during the hassle. A Slowbro picks it up and the three trainer pray that it drops it, but to their surprise it gobbles it up and Blue accuses Bill for making them lose the map. Yellow then notices the Slowbros start to turn and leave, and Bill guesses that their trainer is calling them back. After a moment of thought, Blue releases her Horsy and tells it lead the way for them. She orders it to attach itself to the shell of one of the Slowbros and leave its ink on the ground as it moves. Bill wonders why they don't simply trail after the Slowbros, and Blue explains that they could lower the chance of being spotted that way. Yellow then suggests that they hurry since Pewter, Cerulean and Celadon are already under heavy attack of the enemy's pokemon armies.

At Celadon City, Cloysters and Shellders have infested the buildings and Erika is trying to knock them down with her Tangela. She orders a bind followed by a vine whip from Tangela, but the attacks don't seem to achieve much. Meanwhile, Brock is facing off the army of Machops with his Geodudes while Misty fights hard to eradicate the ghost pokemons. High up in the sky, a swarm of Dragonairs, Dragonites and Aerodactyls start to launch their attacks on the remaining cities.

Back on Cerise, Blue, Bill and Yellow have reached the other side of the island following the Slowbros. They lose sight of the hermit crab pokemons once they land, and Yellow remarks that the stalactite cave ahead is where she's supposed to meet Blaine. A pokeball on Blue's waist suddenly wiggles, and Bill sees that the Clefable inside is bouncing around trying to tell them something. Blue remembers that her Clefable, Clef, can detect faraway sounds and tells Yellow to read its mind. Placing her hands over the pokeball, Yellow learns that Clefable has heard voices of people they know nearby. Blue wonders who they could be, and proceeds to enter the cave with Bill and Yellow.

With the gymleaders belonging to the Alliance of Justice protecting their cities, Blue wonders if it is friends or foes that are around. A bunch a shadowy figures start to take form in the dark, and the three gasp in surprise as they find Lt. Surge, Sabrina, Koga, Blaine and Green waiting for them in the cave...

Thanks To Coronis For Writing this for us and doing the pictures

069: VS. Horsea!

Volume 06

Blue, Bill & Yellow fly around Cerise Island
The Towns keep getting attacked
They enter the cave with the Gym Leaders & Green in