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Blue, Yellow and Bill exclaim with surprise as they see Lt. Surge, Sabrina, Koga, Blaine and Green waiting for them in the stalactite cave. Yellow introduces Blue and Bill to Blaine, but wonders who the three mysterious people are. Green remarks that they are the former executives of the evil Team Rocket, but says they haven't revealed their reasons of being there yet. Koga grins and giggles that they do not have time to fully explain how they winded up there, but states that their goal is to take down the Elite 4 as well. This totally surprises the others, and Sabrina continues to say that the three of them somehow managed to escape the collapse of the Silph Co. Building, and are secretly working to bring back TR. Koga adds that they wouldn't allow the Elite 4 to mess with the land that TR is supposed to rule, and Sabrina suggests that they join forces to achieve their mutual goal.

Blaine is having doubts about the three former TR executives' words, but Lt. Surge points out that the enemy of your enemy is your companion. Green steps up and says his intention is simply to bring down the Elite 4 for the sake of his grandfather, and that he doesn't care who he's working with. Sabrina considers that an agreement to joining forces, and orders Alakazam to create a metal spoon for each person. She explains that those are the Spoons of Fate, and that the eight of them will have to split into groups of two as there are a total of four enemies. She remarks that trainers with similar will power will have their spoons bent towards each other, and says they should divide themselves according to that.

Yellow and Pika start to close their eyes and affirm their intention to search for Red in their minds. Alakazam unleashes its psychic powers, and the spoons of Yellow and Blaine immediately bend towards each other. Those of Green and Koga then begin to bend as well, followed by those of Blue and Sabrina. Sabrina says it's ironic how their pair-up match that of the showdown in the Silph Co. Building, but believes that it is how it's meant to be. Bill clings tight onto his spoon but it shows no sign of bending at all. Sabrina explains that the Spoon of Fate does not bend when people have weak minds or they don't have the destined companion in the room. Lt. Surge reveals that his spoon hasn't bent as well, and thinks that perhaps like Koga and Sabrina, his fateful companion is meant to be Red. He decides to pair up with Bill anyway, and picks up the unwillingly young inventor with a laugh.

Koga remarks that it is easy to lose their way in the stalactite caves, and reminds everyone to stick to their partners. The four groups then head into separate caves, officially beginning their final showdown with the Elite 4.

A while later, Green and Koga still haven't encountered anything in that maze-like tunnels. Koga remarks that Green seems to have grown a lot since they met two years ago, and the boy decides to return something to the man before going any further. He opens a pokeball in his cape, and the Golbat that he took from Koga happily flies back towards its original trainer...

Thanks To Coronis For Writing this for us and doing the pictures

070: VS. Alakazam!

Volume 06

The Gym Leaders, Green, Blue, Yellow & Bill split off to find the Elite Four
Green gives Koga his Golbat Back