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Standing on the rocky bridge formed by a wild giant Onix, Bruno calls forward his Hitmonchan and Hitmonlee while Bill and Lt. Surge orders Electrabuzz and Vulpix to attack. Vulpix starts a flamethrower, and Electrabuzz smashes Hitmonchan and Hitmonlee away with a punch, but the two fighting pokemons land on another Onix, and unleash a comet punch and rolling kick combo. The attack throws Electrabuzz and Vulpix off their feet, and the electric pokemon struggles to climb back onto the Onix while grabbing the little fox from its fall.

In the adjacent cave, Blaine and Yellow holler in shock as the two pokemons are about to plunge into the acidic lake. Blaine releases his Rapidash and has it firespin the magic mirror with Pika's thundershock, but the transparent glass doesn't give way and Bruno gets alerted instead. The big man gets upset about someone interrupting his battle, and secretly orders his own Onix to dig underground and stop the intruders on the other side. Onix wiggles its way through the rocky floor, and Blaine and Yellow exclaim in surprise as the rock serpent emerges next to the magic mirror and wraps itself around them. Bill hears the stir in the next cave, and Lt. Surge suspects the presence of magic mirrors around. He remarks that they are literally in a battle demonstration where others can see them but not vice versa, and curses Bruno's maniacal obsession for battles.

Bruno next calls his Machamp forward, and Lt. Surge notices that it still keeps the belt of a Machoke. Knowing that direct confrontation isn't going to work for them, the Vermillion gymleader decides to try a new strategy. He whispers something into Bill's ears, and the two suddenly turn around and start running. Bruno tells his Machamp to give chase, while Lt. Surge and Bill each drops a pokeball secretly along the Onix as they continue to dash away. Bruno remarks that it is a coward act to run from a battle, but Lt. Surge grins and says they are simply continuing the fight in another way. An Electrode and Exeggcute pop out from the pokeballs they left on the Onix, and Bruno exclaims in shock as the egg pokemon starts unleashing a barrage of eggs. Lt. Surge then commands a self-destruct, and Electrode immediate explodes itself while Exeggcute turns its barrage eggs into eggbombs. The combined bang shakes the wild Onix in pain and it quickly throws Bruno off its body, but Lt. Surge and Bill also lose their ground and the young inventor begins to yell.

Lt. Surge quickly releases four Magnetons and has them generate an electrical pod to support them. Bill lets out a sigh as Electrabuzz, Vulpix, Electrode and Exeggcute land safely in. Lt. Surge clings onto one of his Magnetons, and slowly climbs into the pod as Bill wonders if Bruno will survive in the acidic lake...

Thanks To Coronis For Writing this for us and doing the pictures

075: VS. Electrode!

Volume 06

Blaine & Yellow have trouble getting to Surge and are wrapped by an Onix
Bill & Surge formulate a Strategy to beat Bruno