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At Blaine's secret laboratory on the Cinnabar Island, the boyscout Bozz is checking on the supernerd William who still lays unconscious on the mechanical bed. Bozz brings in some food for William's pokemons, and looks up at the computer screen which shows the broken ice sculpture of Red at Mt. Moon. The boyscout sighs that the supernerd has shown no signs of waking up over the past few weeks, and wonders when they will be able to get the details of his encounter at Mt. Moon. He remembers being told that William was once possessed by a Gastly for a while, and hopes that the damage done to the supernerd wasn't too serious.

Suddenly, William starts to cough and wake up, and Bozz hurries over to help him up. The supernerd wonders where he is, and Bozz tells him that they are in the Cinnabar secret lab. William notices the screen-cap of Red on the computer, and immediately asks why the ice sculpture is hollow. Bozz exclaims in shock and asks if Red was still in the ice when William saw it, and the supernerd begins telling his story. Nearly a month ago, William was venturing through the caves of Mt. Moon with some of his friends. They suddenly saw a young boy frozen in an ice block and tried everything they could to free him, but not even the powerful bone club of Marowak worked. The supernerd then found the torn fabric of Red's glove on the floor, and was later approached by a mysterious old woman after he returned to Celadon.

Bozz listens intently and cannot believe what he's hearing, but William pulls out a pile of photos from his pocket to prove himself. Bozz takes a look and sees that Red really was still in the ice block when William found him. He studies the photos again and discovers a mysterious shadow standing behind a rocky pillar in one of them.

Back on Cerise Island, Agatha slowly gets up from the floor and swears not to let Oak's grandson surpass her so easily. She yells that she would not allow anyone to deter her from her plans, and starts to recall something that happened many years ago...

In a battle arena, the crowd begins to cheer as Sammuel Oak orders his Kangaskhan to deliver a final mega-punch to knock out his opponent's Tauros. The young man retreats to the resting room behind stage, and finds Agatha waiting for him there. The young woman demands to know why Oak decided to leave their research team, and Oak explains that he finds himself disagreeing with the team's decision to work on devices controlling the free will of pokemons. Agatha hollers that it is still inappropriate for him to excuse himself that abruptly, and releases her Gastly and Gengar to attack. Oak is taken by surprise and immediately has his Chansey and Kangaskhan to defend. Agatha asks what other things Oak could doing after leaving their team, and the young man reveals that he is working on building a Pokedex which could record the data of all known pokemons in the world.

Gastly tightens its dark fog around Chansey, and Oak orders the pink egg pokemon to recharge itself with softboiled. He then commands a dizzy punch from Kangaskhan, and Agatha calls her ghost pokemons back with a grunt. She remarks that Oak will be too old to collect pokemon data by the time he finishes with his invention, but Oak says he wouldn't worry because his children or grandchildren will fill the dex for him.

And so, Oak officially broke off all ties from Agatha's research team and the young woman starts developing a hatred for him. That same year, Agatha faced off Oak in the Pokemon League, and marginally lost after a prolonged 8-hour battle. Since then, she let her bitterness overtake her, and vowed to prove Oak wrong for leaving her team and working on pointless devices like the Pokedex...

Agatha straightens herself up with her wooden crutch, and prepares to unleash another round of attack on Oak's grandson. Somewhere in the stalactite caves, Green and Koga are still finding their way through the maze created by the stalactite barriers around them. All the while, a grinning face starts to take form in their shadows...

Thanks To Coronis For Writing this for us and doing the pictures

076: VS. Chansey!

Volume 06

William wakes up and decides to help Bozz with the Red Situation
Agatha remembers about her feud with Oak
Green & Koga keep searching for the Elite Four