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In one of the stalactite caves on Cerise, the smoke from the explosions earlier still fills the room. Bill motions Lt. Surge to hurry into the electrical pod, but the Vermillion gymleader says he's exhausted, and tells the young inventor to give him a moment. Suddenly, the right leg of Hitmonlee shoots up from below and wraps around Lt. Surge. Bill gasps in shock as he sees that Himonlee has fastened its others limbs onto the surrounding rocks to support Bruno with its body like a net. Bruno gives them a glare, and orders Hitmonlee to yank Lt. Surge down from the electrical pod. The man begins to fall, and one of the Magnetons quickly clamps its magnet bars around his fist, but Hitmonlee twirls its flexible leg around and smashes it down. Bill hollers in shock as Lt. Surge falls straight towards the acidic lake below.

Suddenly, a rope of vines halts Lt. Surge in mid-air, and the Spoon of Fate in the man's pocket begins to bend. Bill looks over towards the clearing smoke, and gasps in disbelief as Red slowly materializes on a bike next to his Venusaur. The boy merrily greets Bill and Lt. Surge, and starts charging along the Onix bridge. Bruno seems stunned for a moment, and orders his Hitmonlee to stop Red. Saur releases a sweet scent to distract the kicking pokemon, and quickly pulls Lt. Surge onto the bridge with its vines. Bill rejoices and asks if Red is the real thing, and the boy takes out another bent Spoon of Fate and grins that he is the authentic Red from Pallet Town.

In the adjacent cave, Yellow and Blaine are still trapped by Bruno's Onix. The young trainer and Pika thump on the magic mirror frantically and call out for Red, but the glass absorbs their voices and Red remains unaware of them on the other side. Blaine notices a trickling sound, and jumps with a start as he sees water starting to fill the cave. He realizes that the self-destruct of Electrode earlier has cracked the dam that holds the underground water of the stalactite caves, and calls for Yellow to escape. Yellow, however, is too consumed in yelling for Red, and doesn't realize her danger until the underground water start gushing turbulently towards them.

Yellow's big straw hat gets knocked off, and Blaine stares with surprise as he realizes for the first time that the young trainer is a girl in disguise. The dam in the cave totally gives way, and the fierce water currents start carrying off the twoas Yellow continues to call out for Red..

Thanks To Coronis For Writing this for us and doing the pictures

078: VS. Venusaur!

Volume 06

Red arrives and helps defend Surge & Bill
Yellow & Blaine get swept away by water into the cave