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At Cerulean, one of the attacking Haunters notices Misty's Starmie spinning around in the sky, and hurls a giant boulder towards it. Misty quickly orders Krabby to shatter it with guillotine, and wishes that those on Cerise would be able to read her message. On the phone, Erika remarks that the Elite 4's pokemon armies seem to destroy selective cities. Misty thinks over it and realizes that all the places that are under attack have gyms. Erika agrees and says the attacking pokemons are obviously trying to get something from the gyms, and Misty quickly reasons that it is gym badges that they want. Just as she says that, the Gengars around her snatch a Cascade Badge from her pocket, and Erika got her Rainbow Badge ripped off by the Shellders. Misty orders her Starmie to hurry, and the water pokemon tries its best to complete the message in the night sky with the Star Symbols as quick as possible.

Back on Cerise, Blaine wakes up from his faint and sees that the underground water has washed them ashore in one of the caves. He quickly shakes Yellow, and the young trainer slowly regains conscious. Having realized that Yellow is a girl just a moment ago, Blaine doesn't know how to address her, and Yellow embarrassedly says she will explain everything afterwards. She pulls on her big straw hat again, and discovers that her sketchbook and Red's Pokedex are gone. She realizes she must have left it in the cave where the magic mirror is, and remembers seeing Red so close and not able to call out to him. Blaine tells her not to worry and that they will meet up with the others soon.

Blaine decides to give Yellow a riddle, and asks her to guess a item which has one entrance but three exits. Yellow quickly answers sweater, and Blaine congratulates her, but warns that Cerise Island, however, might have one entrance but no exits. He says that they might never get out without defeating the Elite 4, and wonders how the others are doing. The cave begins to get darker, and Blaine lights up a wooden stick with Growlithe's flames. He tells Yellow to hurry before Pewter, Cerulean and Celadon get completely destroyed, but a voice suddenly laughs and says not only the three cities, but Vermillion, Fuchsia, Saffron, Cinnaban, Viridian and the whole of Kanto won't see daylight again either.

Yellow quickly tells Pika to light up the cave with flash, and gasps in shock as she sees Lance and his Aerodactyl waiting for them. Yellow prepares to fight, but Blaine tells her to leave it to him, and reminds her to observe Lance's battling style while he battles. Lance remarks that he can take on any number of challengers, and orders a hyperbeam from his Aerodactyl. Yellow screams as the blast hits Blaine, but immediately sees that the shadowy figure she saw on Cinnabar earlier has materialized to deflect the beam. The smoke clears and Mewtwo brushes off the remnants of the attack. Lance remarks that he has heard of the genetic engineered pokemon, and says it will be interesting to test out its power.

A tremble courses through the cave, and the ground suddenly jags up to push Blaine and Yellow out on the island surface. Lance laughs that the cave is too small a battle arena for Mewtwo, and proceeds to command a supersonic from his Aerodactyl. Mewtwo quickly creates a barrier to fend off the giant sound waves, and Yellow starts to get worried. Blaine tells her to relax, and says they should first learn of the enemy's power by taking a defensive approach. Mewtwo continues to deflect the supersonic with its barrier, and Blaine secretly wonders how much longer his body can stand to command Mewtwo...

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079: VS. Aerodactyl (Part 1)!

Volume 07

The Attacking Armies steal the Gym Badges
Yellow & Blaine get ambushed by Lance
Blaine sends Mewtwo to defeat Lance