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Red slowly watches Bruno disappear into the dark tunnels, and wonders if they will ever meet again. Lt. Surge suddenly throws Bill off from the electrical pod, and the young man starts yelling at him. Lt. Surge remarks that they teamed up earlier just for the sake of beating the Elite 4, and says he should go back to join Koga and Sabrina now that their part has been taken care of. Bill grunts that people from Team Rocket should never be fully trusted, and puts on an annoyed look as the Vermillion gymleader floats away on his Magnetons. Bill notices an opening blasted open by Jolteon's pin missile on the side of the cave, and sees that the rocky wall is actually a mirror-like glass structure. He remembers hearing stirs from that side of the room earlier, and motions Red to go with him and check it out.

Red and Bill climb out of the hole and find themselves into another of the dark tunnels of the island. A rush of water seems to have hit the place not too long ago, and the ground is still dribbling wet. Red suddenly notices his Pokedex on top of a boulder nearby, and exclaims in surprise as he flips open the sketchbook next to it to find drawings of himself. Bill remarks that they belong to Yellow, and Red wonders who he is talking about. Bill explains that a young trainer has gone off in search of him with Pika after his disappearance, and that she is currently on the island facing the Elite 4 as well. Red opens his Pokedex to discover its new function of monitoring Pika's feelings, and sees that the electric rat is showing emotions of being in an unprecedented danger. He quickly snatches Bill up and dashes away on his bike, and the young inventor wants to know how the boy escaped from the ice sculpture on Mt. Moon, and how he ended up with the three legendary evolution stones from Vermillion. Red reveals that someone else helped him out of his ice confinement, and that the same person handed him the stones.

Back at the cities under attack in Kanto, Misty and Erika discover that Elite 4's pokemons have tossed away the Cascade and Rainbow badges they snatched from them earlier. Erika tells Misty on the phone that the enemy must be missing one or a few of the eight Kanto badges, and are commanding their armies to search for them. Misty recalls how Team Rocket exploited the energy from gym badges to cause destruction two years ago, and wonders if the Elite 4 are planning the same thing.

Meanwhile, Green is still under the assault of the elusive Gengar that hides in shadows. He notices that his Porygon is starting to run out of strength, and tries to identify the attacking pattern of his foe. Without Agatha in the room to give it direct commands, he reasons that the Gengar must be following some basic rules to strike. He notices that Gengar no longer attacks Koga who is sitting on the ground far away, and realizes that the shadow pokemon can only switch its hiding place at the moment when two different shadows overlap. A trickle of sweat drips down from his forehead and lands on the ground, and the Gengar suddenly shoots out to attack again. Green immediately understands that Gengar reacts to sound and strikes everytime he or his pokemons make a noise. Having a clue as to when and where Gengar strikes, Green tries to retaliate when it resurfaces again, but the ghost pokemon to simply too quick to be caught.

Koga seems to have understood the logic as well, and secretly orders his Koffing to release a shroud of smoke. Green reads the hidden message written in the smoke, and stands still to prepare. Koga gives a command to his Arbok inside its pokeball, and something hits the ground with a thud. Gengar immediately shoots out to strike, only to discover that it is the broken tail of Arbok. Green grabs the chance and orders his Porygon to attack, and the virtual pokemon knocks out the Gengar at once with a psybeam. Green compliments on Koga for his great idea, and the Fuchsia gymleader grins that he is glad to have taught his Arbok control its fallen off body parts with some tough ninja training. It turns out that Koffing has secretly written the word 'tail' with its smoke earlier, and Arbok has distracted Gengar by causing its broken tail to thrash around on the ground.

Koga remarks that Agatha doesn't seem to have other pokemons in her party, and says it's time for them to go their separate ways. He grins that he has learnt of Green's battling tactics and will sure keep them in mind if they should become enemies again one day. Green puts on a smirk and says he will do the same. Just then, the fallen Gengar starts to get up, and Green quickly orders Koga's Golbat to illuminate the whole room with a confuse ray. The boy yells out that he will not allow the ghost pokemon to re-enter any shadows again, and Agatha slowly appears around the stalactite barrier with an annoyed look on her face.

Green reveals that he has long prepared Golbat up at the ceiling of the cave just in case Agatha's Gengar pulls off any tricks again, and the old woman grins that he certainly is thoughtful. Green recalls how Agatha mocked at him for caring too much about others during battle, and says he wouldn't have been able to keep her out of the shadows if he didn't save Golbat earlier. Agatha sighs that Green hasn't changed a bit since they met two years ago, and says the boy is just like his grandfather, always winning with tactics that shouldn't have worked. She remembers Oak ordering a dizzy punch on her Gengar in one of their battles before, and says the attack shouldn't have affected ghost pokemons, but somehow the man's strong will made things possible. She tells Green that Oak is a strong and good trainer, but adds that she still thinks it is silly of him to hide away and work on some machines to store pokemon data.

Agatha then puts on a grin, and asks if Green has noticed his companion's message to him from the skies. The boy look up in surprise, and sees some odd writings glowing like stars in the night. Koga exclaims that they are Star Symbols, and reads that the Elite 4's dragon army has landed on the different cities of Kanto searching for gym badges. Agatha remarks that she has run out of pokemons to retaliate, and has no choice but to admit defeat since herself to injured from the battle with Koga, but she smirks that the defeated ones get to flee while the winners cannot leave. She states that Lance is unleashing the final step of their scheme in the centre of the island, and says the goals of the Elite 4 will be accomplished very soon. The cave begins to shake and the cracked ground starts to give way. Koga quickly orders his Muk to use its escape trick, and suddenly disappears with his Golbat in a swirl of purple sludge.

Agatha creates a dark fog around herself, and prepares to leave as well. She tells Green that Lance will get what he wants once all eight badges' energy are unleashed on the island. She reveals that apart from the dragon army that Lance commands, all the other Elite 4 troops destroying Kanto were sent out by her after forcefully recruiting various pokemons across the land. She says that while it is normally impossible to capture someone else's pokemon, she has worked on developing a special kind of pokeball that can do that during her time in the research team, which is also the reason why Oak left the group. She explains that it is difficult to command a huge number of pokemons that don't belong to her, and thus sent out a Cloyster and Machamp of her own to direct the ice and fighting armies, while controlling the ghost troop with the energy generated by the existing seven badges. She smirks that Bruno was in fact under the control of the gym badges' energy as well, and that she finds the type combination of ghost, fighting and ice much more powerful that the ice, fire, thunder combo that TR once exploited.

Agatha tells Green to ask Red about how it feels to suffer a combined ice, fighting, ghost attack, and Green questions what Red has to do with Elite 4's plan. Agatha grins that Green would have to find it out himself, and says the Pikachu that Red has is probably the only one that knows the complete story now. She recalls the look she saw on the electric rat's face after it learns of their scheme, and knows that it is secretly thinking of a plan to overcome them, but she remarks that it will need a much stronger attack than its thunderbolt to stop what's going to happen on Cerise. She says she is sure Green will find a way as he is Oak's grandson, and vanishes in the swirl of fog.

The sun has begun to rise and the Star Symbols in the sky start to disappear. Green secretly thanks all the gymleaders who are working hard to protect Kanto, and wonders if it is already too late to stop what is about to happen. His Pokedex suddenly gives off a beaping tone, and the boy realizes it is the resonance sound that happens when all three Pokedexs are close to each other while being held by their original trainers. He reasons that Red must have regained possession of his own Pokedex somewhere near, and quickly hops on his Charizard to fly out of the cave.

In another tunnel, Bill curiously asks who it was that helped Red. Red says he couldn't see his rescuer's face, but he sensed that he has met the man before and remembers seeing a Nidoqueen next to him. The boy adds that he received the Spoon of Fate from the man apart from the elemental stones, and that it was the bending direction of the spoon that led him to Cerise. The boy's Pokedex starts to beap its resonance sound, and Red realizes Green and Blue must be close. He tells Bill to hold tight and speeds through the caves on his bike...

Thanks To Coronis For Writing this for us and doing the pictures

085: VS. Shellder!

Volume 07

Green & Koga defeat Agatha
The Gym Leaders head off
Red & Bill discuss who freed Red