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Yellow is still wondering who the mysterious man is when Pika starts to growl and glare at him. Yellow quickly reads its mind, and learns that Red has fought against the man near the Viridian Forest once. She gives a curious look to the man, and wonders if he is a friend or a foe. Lance lets out a grunt and orders another invisible bubblebeam from his dragons. The mysterious man commands his Rhyhorn to break off a boulder with its horn attack, then crushes it with a stomp. Dust and sand start to fill the air and soon show where the invisible bubbles are. Yellow watches in amazement as the man calls out his Nidoqueen, and has it burst the bubbles with its scratch.

The Nidoqueen then charges towards Lance's giant bubble and delivers a punch, but the attack rebounces and throws it back down to the ground. Lance grins that his bubble's durability can stand a temperature as high as that of hot lava, and says such weak attacks aren't going to destroy it. He then orders a combined hyperbeam from his dragons to blast Nidoqueen and Rhyhorn, and Yellow quickly jumps out of the way. Lance continues to surround himself with a network of hyperbeams, and the mysterious man secretly rolls a pokeball under where the dragon trainer stands. The man grins that it is a common mistake to leave one's direct bottom unprotected, and Lance bolts with surprise as a Beedrill pops out of the pokeball from below.

The Beedrill unleashes a twineedle and easily bursts Lance's giant bubble. Lance falls onto the silk net created by Freesk earlier, and finds himself entangled by the threads around his four limbs. He addresses the mysterious man as Giovanni, the Viridian gymleader, and Yellow realizes that he is the elusive gymleader of her hometown who is rumoured to be the strongest among the eight in Kanto. Giovanni recalls Lance's comment about his Nidoqueen's weak attack, and tells the young man to take a look at his Beedrill and re-evaluate his choice of words. He remarks that while his expertise is ground type pokemons, Beedrill is an exception since it is a pokemon caught at his hometown, the Viridian Forest.

Beedrill points its needle towards the throat of Lance, and Giovanni remarks that he wouldn't let anyone destroy Kanto while his team is secretly working to re-establish itself. Lance grins that the boss of Team Rocket sure has a strong desire to rule over the land, and Yellow realizes with a start that the man standing before her is the leader of the disintegrated organization that exploited the Viridian Forest for evil works two years ago. Giovanni decides to finish the game and orders his Beedrill to put an end to Lance, but a rumbling sound suddenly fills the air and the dragon trainer starts to grin.

As the sun fully rises, a blinding light shoots out from the sea and a flying creature slowly materializes high above the Cerise Island...

Thanks To Coronis For Writing this for us and doing the pictures

088: VS. Beedrill!

Volume 07

Giovanni almost defeats Lance
A big Bird arrives stopping the battle