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High above the volcano of the Cerise Island, Yellow hovers across the sky with Freesk clinging onto her back, and orders her fully evolved team to charge forward. Lance quickly calls his dragons to attack, and says he wouldn't let anyone interfere with his plan at this stage. He hollers that humans are enemies of pokemons and should be rid of, but Yellow yells back that humans are friends of pokemons and vows to protect the world from destruction. Yellow collides with Lance's Aerodactyl, and the dragon trainer quickly orders a hyperbeam from his Dragonite. Omask retaliates with an ice beam as Golosk defends itself from Dragonair's slam with a defense curl.

Lance laughs that Yellow's defensive strategy isn't going to do much good, and says once the legendary pokemon sucks up all the energy unleashed by the badges, a single flap of its wings will destroy the whole of Kanto. Lance tells his Dragonite that they will soon be able to build their pokemon world in which no other humans exist, and orders a hyperbeam from it. Yellow barely dodges the attack, and winces in pain as her broken right arm starts to hurt. The bandage on her arm begins to come lose, and a long thread hangs all the way down to the island surface. She orders Pika to do a rage and bide combo, but Aerodactyl swats it down with its wing instantly. A thought all of a sudden courses through Yellow's mind, and the young trainer realizes Pika has regained the locked up memory in its unconscious mind.

After knowing about the Elite 4's plan to unleash the eight badges' energy, Pika has been secretly thinking of a solution to save the world. It is impossible to stop the release of any energy, and the only way to destroy that energy is to overcome and disperse it with a stronger source of energy. Yellow quickly understands that in order to stop Lance, they will need a force more powerful than that released by the gym badges.

Down at the entrance of the stalactite caves, Red, Green and Blue exit their respective tunnels at the same time, and gasp in shock as they run into each other. Blue wonders how Red ended up there, and Green says he's glad the boy is still alive. Green then says it is not the time to catch up, and motions the other two to get to the surface of the island immediately. Up on the surface, Blaine slowly gets up from the ground, and notices the silk thread that hangs down all the way from Yellow's bandage on her right arm. A hand clutches onto the thread, and Blaine exclaims in surprise as he sees the three Pallet trainers appear before him. Red helps him up, and the Cinnabar gymleader says he's relieved that the boy came back safely. Red wonders what is going on in the sky, and Blue says the giant creature is summoned by Lance. Blaine points to the thread and says Yellow is probably fighting against the young man up in the sky, and the three Pallet trainers give each other a knowing look. They call out Charizard, Saur and Turtley, and start sending their energy upwards along the silk thread towards Yellow.

Up in the sky, Yellow feels the strong supporting force from Red, Green and Blue coursing through her, and calls for strength from her homeland, the Viridian Forest, as she orders Pika to unleash its full power. Pika sends out a megavolt on Lance, and the dragon trainer falls back in pain as the electric sparks fill the whole sky with a blinding light. Lance remembers his childhood again. He remembers seeing a dying Dratini in a polluted lake next to an industrial site, and recalls the anger that he felt then and now. The giant flying creature sucks up all the power from Pika's attack, and starts releasing all its stored up energy back to the land.

Down on the island, Giovanni watches in amazement as grass and flowers begin to sprout from the land. He realizes that the legendary pokemon has converted the energy from the gym badges and Yellow into a force of life. He muses over the recent happenings, and thinks to himself that he still has a lot to learn. He is about to turn and leave when Lt. Surge and Sabrina call out to him. Lt. Surge tells him that they have been searching for Giovanni for a long time, and says they are ready to re-establish their team any time. Giovanni grins, and says it would be embarrassing to have people know that they depended on the power of a few young trainer to defeat the Elite 4. Lt. Surge and Sabrina don't understand what he means, and the man says he is still on a journey to improve himself, and that he has decided to take a break from their evil works. Lt. Surge and Sabrina listen with shock as Giovanni tells them to return to Kanto and look after their own gyms. Giovanni remarks that megavolt is an attack ten times stronger than thunderbolt, and wonders if any member in his team has the same ability to summon such power. The TR boss turns around to leave as Lt. Surge and Sabrina watch wordlessly from behind.

The legendary pokemon continues to release its energy, and begins to channel it back towards the lands of Kanto. At Cerulean, Misty watches in surprise as plants slowly appear at the deserted areas near the rock tunnel, and the industrial wastes start to clear. Wild pokemons are rejoicing everywhere as their natural habitats become livable again. The armies of the Elite 4 quickly lose their strength and faint to the ground, and Erika gasps at the powerful resurrection force which originates from a destruction force.

Back in the sky above Cerise, Yellow pants with exhaustion and watches as the giant flying creature approaches her. She smiles at the warm light it emanates, and thanks it for saving Kanto with the badges' energy. The young trainer begins to pass out, and Red catches her in his arms just in time with Aero on his back...

Somewhere deep in the forest, Yellow wakes up from her sleep to find that Pika is nowhere to be found. She asks if Ratty knows where it is, but the Raticate shakes it head. She begins to wander around and search for the electric rat, and Dodosk suddenly pops out from the bushes to greet her. Omask, Golosk and Freesk appear next, and Yellow feels slightly strange around her fully evolved pokemons. Omask then tugs on Yellow and motions her to follow. It takes her to where Pika is, and Yellow happily calls out to it. But Pika gives her a sad look and starts to dash away. Yellow doesn't know why Pika is running from her, and starts to give chase. Red then appears in front, and Pika merrily hops into his arms. Looking at the the boy and the electric rat, Yellow realizes what's happening, and understands that it is time that Pika returns to Red. She puts on a little smile, and secretly thanks Pika from her heart, hoping that it will not forget everything they've been through...

A splashing sound wakes Yellow, and the young trainer discovers that she has been dreaming again. She finds herself on a Gyarados's head, and realizes that she is surfing next to Red on his Gyara while Blue, Bill and Blaine are sitting towards the tail of the sea serpent and Green is riding on his Golduck. Yellow jumps up with a start when remembers the battle on Cerise. She anxiously asks about Lance and the giant pokemon, but Red tells her to relax and says the dragon trainer has vanished while the flying creature has disappeared into the west. Blue remarks that the gymleaders in Kanto have just notified her about the collapse of the Elite 4 armies, and Blaine points out that he finds Yellow's pokemons truly unprecedented. He wonders how they could evolve all at once, and why is it that her Graveller can evolve without the need of a trade. Bill then lowers his voice, and asks Blue if Yellow is really a girl in disguise. He says Blaine has seen her ponytail earlier, and that Green also guessed it while he was training with her. Blue grins that Green has a sharp sense, and says Red is the only one who doesn't know.

Bill wonders why Blue is still keeping it from Red, and she giggles that it makes things much more interesting. Bill sweatdrops over her answer, and Green calls her pesky girl again. Red compliments on Yellow's hard work and thanks her, but says they have a problem with Pika. He points out that although Pika is his pokemon, it has certainly grown to like Yellow as well. Yellow notices a silk thread of Freesk is still clinging onto her tiny finger and that of Red's, and falls back in embarrassment when Red suggests that they live together to solve the issue of Pika...

And so, the battle with the Elite 4 has officially come to an end. Red, Green, Blue and Yellow start helping the gymleaders rebuild the cities after returning to Kanto, while others like Prof. Oak and Bill soon find new projects to keep themselves busy with. Following the commands of Giovanni, Lt. Surge and Sabrina have gone back to the respective gyms, but Giovanni himself and Koga have not been seen again since the incident.

Time flies, and a new saga is about to unfold on another piece of land...

In her own room, Blue is currently on the phone with her young friend from the western land, Johto. She tells him that while Lance did scheme to control a giant flying pokemon, it wasn't the same bird that kidnapped her during her childhood. She remarks that the mysterious flying creature on Cerise has flown over to the west, and wishes her friend luck in his investigation.

Silver hangs up and looks over to city in front of him, ready to continue his investigations in the land of Johto...

Thanks To Coronis For Writing this for us and doing the pictures

090: VS. ???!

Volume 07

Yellow tries to defeat Lance
The Mysterious Pokémon sends the power out from the Gym Badges out to revitilise the Lan
The Armies attacking Kanto stop
Giovanni states that its not the right time to bring back Team Rocket
Giovanni, Koga & Lance Disappear
Pika goes back to Red
Red, Green, Blue & Yellow go to help rebuild the Land
Blue informs Silver that the bird wasnt the one that kidnapped them and has headed West to Johto
--End of Yellow series--