Wednesday: Pokkén Tournament - Release Month

03-06-2015 07:17 GMT / 02:17 EDT by Serebii

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Pokkén Tournament

In The Games Department

Pokkén Tournament

Previously, the Pokkén Tournament release period had just been narrowed to the summer. However, Bandai Namco have updated their site and have stated that the arcade machine is to hit Japanese arcades in July 2015. We don't have specific dates, as it is likely to be a gradual rollout across arcades in Japan, but we'll bring coverage as and when we can.

Pokkén Tournament

In The Pokémon Department

Pokémon Animation Studios

A special attraction has been announced for the UK. In the upcoming KidZania complex opening in Westfield, London, a special Pokémon Animation Studio will be opening. This studio allows for visitors to use Pokémon to create their own movies via stop-motion capture capabilities using Pokémon toys. It will also include a store to purchase some of the toys used. The studio is set to be opened later in 2015.

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