Friday: Pokémon Sun & Moon - CoroCoro + Pokémon Generations + Pokémon GO - Lapras Promotion

11-11-2016 07:39 GMT / 02:39 EST by Serebii

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Pokémon X & Y

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The first images from CoroCoro have leaked and have revealed the latest news on Sun & Moon. As always, do note that translations are preliminary while we work on them. First it reveals two new Ultra Beasts and one mysterious black Pokémon which it says is a big mystery, and asks what it has to do with Solgaleo & Lunala.
09:56: It also officially revealed the special unique Z Moves for Starter Evolutions. Decidueye's is known in Japan as Shadow Arrows Strike and Incineroar's is Hyper Dark Crusher . We'll bring more as it comes

Pokémon Pokémon

Pokémon Generations

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Pokémon Generations

Following on from the release of the first eleven episodes the past 8 weeks, the Pokémon Company has once again put out a new episode of Pokémon Generations, with this episode focusing on Buck & Heatran. Our Animedex is being updated with the contents of this episode

Episode 12

Nintendo Badge Arcade

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Pokémon GO - Japan Promotion

To tie in with a special promotion in Japan, until November 23rd 2016 in the Miyagi, Iwate and Fukushima Prefectures of Japan, the Pokémon Lapras will be a lot more common than usual, allowing for more players to capture it. There is currently no word on if any similar promotions will run outside of Japan.

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