Saturday: Pokémon Sun & Moon - Shiny Silvally Reminder

11-11-2017 13:22 GMT / 08:22 EST by Serebii

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Pokémon Sun & Moon - Silvally Event

The Shiny Silvally is due to end within the next week globally, on Monday in North America and Thursday in Europe. This event distributes a Level 100 Shiny Silvally with a Gold Bottle Cap attached and can only be obtained by Pokémon Sun & Moon. The distributions are as follows UK - GAME until November 16th
Spain - GAME Nintendo Zone until November 16th
Germany - Gamestop Nintendo Zone until November 16th
France - Micromania until November 16th
Italy - Gamestop until November 16th
Sweden - Gamestop until November 16th
The Netherlands - Game Mania Nintendo Zone until November 16th
Belgium - Nintendo Zone & FNAC, Game Mania & Smartoys until November 16th
US - Gamestop until November 13th
Canada - EB Games until November 13th
Australia - EB Games until November 13th
Our Event Database has been updated with the details of this event.

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