Monday: Pokémon Sun & Moon - Bottle Cap Distribution

13-02-2017 17:35 GMT / 12:35 EST by Serebii

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Pokémon Sun & Moon

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Pokémon Sun & Moon - Bottle Cap Distribution

For those of you in the US, Canada, France, Italy and Spain, the Bottle Cap event has begun from today. In the US, it is being given at Gamestop until March 5th 2017. In Canada and Australia, the Bottle Cap codes can be obtained through EB Games while in Spain it will be available at GAME through the Nintendo Zone until March 12th 2017. In Italy you can get codes at Gamestop until March 5th 2017. In France it can be obtained from today to March 12th in Micromania stores. It has also begun at GamePlanet in Mexico. These codes give 1 Bottle Cap and match the event that started in the UK and various other parts of Europe earlier this month

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