Wednesday: Pokémon Sun & Moon - Version 1.2 + Magikarp Jump

17-05-2017 05:03 BST / 00:03 EDT by Serebii

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Magikarp Jump

Following months of uncertainty, the smartphone game Magikarp Jump has begun rolling out a release with its first release being in Italy. We will soon be beginning our coverage of this brand new game so be sure to check back for all the information as it comes.
19:11: As you start the game, you are introduced to Professor Karp who will introduce the world of Pokémon and give you a rod to capture a Magikarp. When you capture them, each Magikarp will have a level, as well as a Motif and an Individual Bonus such as boosting experience to train by 100%. Each Magikarp has a maximum level, the first potentially being Level 11
19:17: After you capture the Pokémon, you can feed it a myriad of Berries and then take it on a training regime to level it up. From there, you then take it with you on missions. In missions, you can earn Diamonds and Pokémon to Support Magikarp in missions. The first mission gives Pikachu as Support or 25 Diamonds. These missions face you against other Magikarp and you have to see which Magikarp jumps the highest
19:20: After the first mission, you get 100 Diamonds and 5 Fresh Water bottles and 2 Super Potions. Oran Berries give +2 experience and Sitrus Berries give +9. 19:22: There are at least 20 different kind of Magikarp to collect. You can buy Berries in the shop, but with berries opening up as your character levels up. You can also purchase different training methods. You can also buy decorations for your Magikarp tank which have various bonuses
19:26: At a certain level, your Magikarp will increase in size. You will also sometimes find balls in the water that contain things such as money
19:28: The Microtransactions are as follows:
50 Diamonds: Ł0.99
250 Diamond: Ł4.99
550 Diamonds: Ł9.99
1,200 Diamonds Ł19.99
2,150 Diamonds Ł33.99

There are also sales that happen periodically containing bundles of items
19:29: The refresh time to wait before you can go on another training mission is 30 minutes
19:31: For each level your trainer levels up, the Magikarp you catch can get to higher levels. For example, Level 2 will allow you to catch Magikarp that can get up to Level 12
19:46: Created the Magikarp Jump section. We'll be adding to this constantly over the next couple of days
19:54: At random times, Manaphy will swim past. Tap Manaphy and a festa will happen where many Water-type Pokémon will swim by and more berries will drop down
19:58: After each world you get a badge and the game will save an image for you to share about your victory. There are currently 6 badges to collect. For the first world, you get 6 Coins and 25 Diamonds and you unlock Pikachu as a friend
20:00: The Pokémon you can unlock as support are Pikachu, Charizard, Snorlax, Slowpoke, Litten, Rowlet, Popplio, Piplup, Meowth and Bulbasaur. Poplup, Meowth and BUlbasaur unlock as you complete other worlds, the rest require purchasing. You can level up their strengths with candy. Pikachu initially gives a PM+5 bonus to your Pokémon in battle.
20:04: When you have levelled up your first Magikarp, you'll get the No Fishing bonus item which gives you a bonus. However, as your Magikarp is max level, you cannot return to the tank to feed it. You must continue on until you lose
20:16: When you lose, your Magikarp is released into the wild. It'll sometimes come back in the background but you have to capture a new one and begin the world again. You keep the badges you earned already
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Pokémon Sun & Moon - New Patch

A brand new patch has been released for the Generation VII Pokémon games. This patch brings the game up to Version 1.2 and provides a few updates. The patch is 296 blocks to download. These patches are required to go online on your games and required to participate at official events. This patch fixes a glitch with Sky Drop where it would keep a Pokémon active despite being knocked out. It also fixes an issue where Scatterbug wouldn't remember Egg Moves correctly. It also fixed a glitch that allowed Poké Pelago to be manipulated with the calendar. It also fixed a glitch where Eggs could be given items and it fixed a glitch where the game would crash if an Evolution Item was the last item in your bag and was used.Battle Videos from Version 1.0 or 1.1 cannot be played on this version. We'll bring more as it comes

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Pokkén Tournament

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Pokémon Sun & Moon - Battle Competition

Registration for the next Battle Competition is live. This is the 2017 International Challenge May competition. This is a Double Battle competition using VGC 2017 rules requiring the Alola Pokédex only. Cosmog, Cosmoem, Solgaleo, Lunala, Magearna, Necrozma and Zygarde are not allowed. Mega Stones are also not allowed. Registration runs from May 17th through May 25th. Battles will run from May 26th to May 28th. All entrants will get the Tyranitarite, Abomasite & Manectite Mega Stones. Players that are part of the Play! Pokémon program will also earn Championship Points if they rank high enough

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Pokémon Duel - Update

The smartphone game, Pokémon Duel, has had a new update. This update brings the Rock Gym Cup. Trophies will also be given at the end of the event with you being able to display on your ranking screen. This event has all Rock-type Movement 1 & 2 figures get an increase of 1 for movement and Steel-types getting an Attack increase of 20 for each attack. It also gives the new Corsola Figure as a prize. It lasts until May 27th at 04:59 UTC with Booster Redemptions until June.

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