Tuesday: Pokémon: Everybody's Story + Pokémon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon - Battle Competition

27-02-2018 04:13 GMT / 23:13 EST by Serebii

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Pokémon the Movie 2018

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Pokémon the Movie 2018 - World Premiere

Following the trailer reveal and character reveals for the upcoming movie, Pokémon: Everybody's Story, we have the summary for the movie detailing the basic plot narrative
Once a year, a "wind festival" is held in Fura City, the city where people live together with the wind. While the ancient belief that the legendary Pokémon Lugia will appear and bring about the blessed wind on the final day of the festival still exists, the people that gather in the city participate in the festival while wrapped in their own thoughts......
Lisa, the highschooler and Pokémon rookie.
Kagachi, the braggart that just can't stop telling tall tales.
Trito, the timid researcher that lacks confidence.
Hisui, the old eccentric that hates Pokémon.
Largo, the mysterious little girl that hangs around in the forest all by herself.
These are the people that Ash and Pikachu meet. That meeting makes everyone's story start moving forward.

Pokémon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon

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Pokémon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon - Battle Competition

Details for the next Battle Competition have been announced. This is the 2018 International Challenge March competition. This is a Double Battle competition using standard VGC rules, with players being able to earn CP to go towards qualification for the World Championships.. All Pokémon will be raised to Level 50 for the duration of the competition. Registration runs from March 15th 2018 to March 22nd 2018. Battles will run from March 23rd through March 25th. All entrants will get the 50 Battle Points.
In addition to this, this allows players to earn Championship Points to go towards a place in the World Championships

Pokémon Shuffle

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Pokémon Shuffle - Events

Pokémon Shuffle has begun Week 2 of its event cycle. This cycle continues the Pokémon Safari from last week as well as the following stages that will run for a week
The Ultra Challenge Stage is a stage for Nihilego
The Great Challenge Stages are Feraligatr, Lugia, Escavalier, Shiny Hawlucha & Popplio
A new Pokémon Safari has begun which contains Sandygast, Staryu, Gabite, Gible, Garchomp, Furfrou, Starmie, Phione, Phione (Winking) & Manaphy (Winking). It lasts for 2 weeks. The Daily Pokémon are Spiritomb, Girafarig, Kecleon, Shuckle & Relicanth
There's a One Chance Per Day stage for Frillish (Female)
There's a Competitive Stage against Mega Garchomp

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