Friday: Pokkén Tournament Group Match + Pokémon Trading Card Game

01-02-2019 08:07 GMT / 03:07 EST by Serebii

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Pokkén Tournament DX

In The Games Department

Pokkén Tournament DX

The next special Group Match has been announced on Pokkén Tournament DX. From February 8th through February 10th, you can participate in the "Underworld Ruler" Group Match. This cup is a Basic Battle competition, once again on a Fixed Battle Arena. Participating in this brings a special title reward based on Aegislash, and if you place highly you'll get other titles based on your placement. If you already received the title from the last time it ran, you will not receive it again

Pokémon Sun & Moon

In The TCG Department

Pokémon Sun & Moon - TCG Set Release

Today marks the release of the ninth Pokémon Sun & Moon TCG set. This set contains 196 cards of various Pokémon that inhabit the Kanto Region including various Pokémon-GX with the introduction of Pokémon Tag GX. It is made up of the Dark Order, GX Ultra Shiny and Tag Bolt packs from Japan. Our card listing and the associated Cardex have been updated with the details of this set

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