Monday: Pokémon Masters - Co-Op Battle Rally Event

07-10-2019 07:25 BST / 02:25 EDT by Serebii

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Pokémon Masters Event

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Pokémon Masters

The Co-Op Battle Rally event has begun in Masters. From now until October 17th 2019, there are special missions for completing Co-Op Battles. In addition to that, you can also complete Supercourses in Training Mode 6 times per course rather than 3

Pokémon Funko

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Funko Pokémon

Following their reveal earlier this year, the latest in the Funko A Day With Pikachu line has been revealed. This figure is "Completely Thank-Full" and features a napping Pikachu alongside various desserts and will be released later this month exclusively on the official Pokémon Center Website

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