Wednesday: Pokémon Sword & Shield - CoroCoro + Pokémon Duel - New Update & Figures

13-03-2019 08:37 GMT / 04:37 EDT by Serebii

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Pokémon Sword & Shield

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Pokémon Sword & Shield - CoroCoro

The first images from CoroCoro have leaked and have stated the basic information we know of Pokémon Sword & Shield including showcasing Grookey, Scorbunny and Sobble. However, with it, there was a note saying: "Wait for the follow-up from CoroCoro". At present it's not clear whether the follow-up will be in the next issue, due out on April 15th, or in future issues but be sure to keep checking for more information
We also have further details on the Mewtwo distribution for Pokémon Let's Go, Pikachu! & Let's Go, Eevee! announced yesterday. This distribution will be at Level 70 and of the Quiet nature. Our Event Database has been updated with these events

Detective Pikachu Trading Cards

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Pokémon: Detective Pikachu

New Promotional Cards are being revealed to tie in with Detective Pikachu. The third of which is SM200, a Snubbull promo and will be available in a special in-store event much like the previously revealed Bulbasaur and Psyduck. At present that's not detailed but keep an eye on your local retailers. Our Cardex has been updated with full details of this card.


Pokémon Duel

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Pokémon Duel

The Pokémon Duel update is now available. This update brings a variety of bug fixes. First, it has implemented the figure updates that were announced on Monday.
To celebrate 40 million downloads, some special bonuses are also happening. Until April 10th, you can get a 3 Day Duel Boost and a 3 Hour Enhanced Boost completely for free. There are also special Daily Log-In Bonuses to celebrate including Carmonite, Rare Metal and Coins. There is also a special Log-In bonus for logging in before April 9th of 400 AI Tickets, 100 Monthly Points and an Azumarill figure
Next, a plethora of new figures have been released
The UX figures are Ultra Necrozma, Mega Mawile, Mega Diancie, Sylveon
The EX figures are Mawile, Diancie
The R figures are Azumarill, Garbodor
The UC figures are Carbink, Trubbish
Our full Pokémon Duel Figure Database has been updated with these figures, including new functions that display the Z-Moves a Pokémon can use and those move's effects


Pokémon 2016 World Championships

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Pokémon International Championships

Registration for the upcoming International Championships in Berlin, Germany are now open. This event runs from April 26th through April 28th at the Berlin Estrel Congress Center with badge pickup being on April 25th at 5pm. Registration costs the following
Masters Competitors: €45
Juniors & Seniors Competitors: €30
Spectators: €10
All competitors who register and attend will receive a badge, lanyard, player pin, deck box, set of card sleeves, playmat, and hat, just like the recent International Competitions while spectators will receive 2 Pokémon Trading Card Game Booster Packs. Registration can be done at the official site


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Pokémon - POP! Vinyl

Funko has announced the next of its line of POP! Vinyl figures. The next Pokémon related figure is Charmander and is due for release in North America in May. At present no further details have been announced

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