Wednesday: Pokémon Rumble Rush + Pikachu Outbreakchu & Pokémon GO Fest in Yokohama + Pokémon TCG - Miracle Twin - Mega Evolved Pokémon

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Edit @ 09;13: Pikachu Outbreakchu | Edit @ 10:10: Pokémon Rumble SP

Pokémon Card Game - Miracle Twin

In The Games Department

Pokémon Rumble Rush

Back in 2017, a mobile game, PokéLand, was announced for iOS and Android and went through various betas. Since then, nothing had been heard about it. Today, the game has been re-announced as Pokémon Scramble SP and will be released on iOS and Android soon. We'll provide full details as they come
Edit @ 10;19: We have added new screenshots to our Pre-Release Screenshot Page
Edit @ 11:01: It is known as Rumble Rush in English and is now live in Australia on the Google Play Store
You have the ability to refine ore to get power gears to make your Pokémon stronger or to even learn a new move
There's a Super Boss Rush mode where you can pit your Pokémon against strong Pokémon to win
Edit @ 12:10: There are various challenges to complete in which you get Diamonds as a reward
Edit @ 12:11: The first event is live in Rumble Rush. This event is the Charizard Island Home which lets you go to the island of Charizard Sea. In Charizard Sea you can find Charizard and Blastoise and 80 species of Pokémon. Summoned gears in the stages include Flamethrower for Charizard, Flamethrower for Charmeleon and Surf for Blastoise. There is also a ranking system for this stage. If you place high in the rankings, you will receive higher rewards. This event runs until June 5th 2019
Edit @ 12:17: The Super Boss Rush has four different stages available at the beginnig. Prelims: First Round, Prelims: Final, Normal Class, Great Class
Edit @ 12:37: Each area has a selection of Super Bosses. These bosses have certain requirements such as catchnig a Pokémon with 100 CP or more in order to face you. When you beat them, more Pokémon will start appearing
Edit @ 12:40: In the zones, you can search for Pokémon areas using feathers. These are items that are used up when completing
Edit @ 12:56; You can rank up. When you do, you get more Pokémon storage
Edit @ 12:58: You can get ore as you defeat a boss which can be used to create items such as Grass Move Plus which boosts Grass-type move power as well as CP. These take time to refine and result in Gears and other elements. Gears can then be upgraded with additional resources. You can increase speed of refining using Diamonds or Tickets. Diamonds do it instantly while tickets take 60 minutes off
Edit @ 13:29: After beating the Tutorial world you can enter the Tournament. When you win the Prelims, you will gain access to the first area. During this time frame, it's Charizard Sea Edit @ 13:36: After the tutorial, the shop is open. There are multiple options.
First you can buy PokéDiamonds. 100 for $1.49AUD, 300 for $4.49AUD, 1000 for $14.99AUD and 2,500 for $38.99AUD. Poké Diamonds can be used to speed up elements such as refining ore
In addition to that there are various sets you can purchase.
Starter Set - One time purchase, gives you 400 PokéDiamonds, a Refining Ore slot for 24 hours and a Pikachu Spark Summon Gear - $5.99AUD
Plenty of Pokémon Set - 400 Poké Diamond plus you can get up to 2 more Pokémon when clearing a stage for 3 days - $5.99AUD
Really Refining Set - 600 Poké Diamonds plus a Refining Ore slot for three days - €9.99AUD
Poké Diamond Deal Set - 800 Poké Diamonds Plus 80 Poké Diamonds a day for 30 days - €12.99AUD
Edit @ 14:06: We have started compiling all locations available within the game in our usual Location Listings
Edit @ 14:16: With the Guide Feathers, you can find various stages. You can only have access to three stages at any one time but can lock a stage so it won't go away while hunting for other stages
Edit @ 14:18: The way Summon Gears work is that you can attach them to one of the Pokémon you have of that species. If you do, then you will be able to summon that Pokémon to do an attack on the boss Pokémon while that Pokémon is not your main species
Edit @ 15:05: Updated the Location Listings with the currently running location, Charizard Sea
Edit @ 16:43: Updated the location listings to better describe the location functionality
Edit @ 17:00: Created a page on Challenges
Edit @ 18:11: Updated the Location Listings
Edit @ 18:36: Created a page on Gears
Edit @ 20:28: Created a page on Shop, Microtransactions & Poké Diamonds
Edit @ 22:29: Updated the Location Listings & Gears section with further details
Edit @ 22:41: Created a page on Refining Ore
Edit @ 23:06: Created a page on the Island Event Schedule

Pokémon GO

In The Games Department

Pokémon GO

It has been confirmed that during the Community Day on Sunday, if you evolve Combusken into Blaziken during the three hour window, your Blaziken will know the charge move, Blast Burn. The Community Day runs at 3pm to 6pm in each local time zone
Edit @ 18;30: After Community Day, you can use TMs to get Blaze Kick on your Blaziken

Pokémon Card Game - Miracle Twin

In The Pokémon Department

Pikachu Outbreakchu

The Pokémon Company have announced the next annual Pikachu Outbreakchu event. From August 6th through 12th, once again Yokohama and Minato Mirai will be filled with various Pikachu related events including the largest collection of Pikachu mascots ever with 2,000 being in the area. This includes the following performances

  • A light performance around the Yokohama Museum of Art by Grand Mall Park
  • A performance of Pikachu with the fountain at night at Red Brick Park
  • A performance with 50 Pikachu at Rinko park
  • Various marches of Pikachu and Eevee
  • Various Pokémon Photogenic decorations through Minato Mirai being dubbed as "PokéGenic" for taking photos at.

In addition to this, Pokémon GO Fest in Yokohama will be held, with more details including specific timings to come. Tickets will be obtained through a lottery system like the other GO Fests this year

Pokémon Card Game - Miracle Twin

In The Trading Card Game Department

Pokémon Sun & Moon - TCG Set Announced

Following the reveal of the set Miracle Twin on Friday, a new element has been revealed for the set. This set includes the return of Mega Evolved Pokémon for the first time since 2016 when the TCG shifted into the new generation. This set includes a new Tag Team GX of Mega Sableye & Tyranitar, also featuring the first instance of Mega Sableye in the TCG. As such, our card listing and the associated Cardex have been updated with the details of this set with translation help from Riyu.

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