Thursday: Pokémon GO - Hatchathon Event

02-01-2020 05:20 GMT / 00:20 EST by Serebii

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Pokémon GO

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Pokémon GO

The latest event has begun in Pokémon GO. From today until January 16th at 21:00 UTC, the Adventure Sync Hatchathon is live. During this event, you'll get 2* Hatch Candy, 2* Hatch Stardust and more rewards when you hit 50km with Adventure Sync including a guaranteed Unova Stone. In addition to that, Party Hat Pichu and Wurmple can be found in 2km eggs, Party Hat Pikachu in the wild and Party Hat Raticate & Wobbuffet in 2* Raids.
Edit @ 21:45: Three new Boxes are now live:
Special Box - 480 Coins - 1 Premium Raid Pass, 3 Super Incubator, 4 Star Piece
Ultra Box - 1480 Coins - 10 Premium Raid Pass, 10 Super Incubator, 4 Lure Module, 4 Lucky Egg
Adventure Box - 1480 Coins - 13 Super Incubator, 5 Egg Incubator, 4 Lure Module, 4 Lucky Egg

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