Monday: Pokémon Sword & Shield - Galar Newcomers Reward + Pokémon Masters

27-01-2020 07:08 GMT / 02:08 EST by Serebii

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Edit @ 17:31: Galar Newcomers Reward

Pokémon Masters Event

In The Pokémon Department

Pokémon Sword & Shield

The Rankings are now live in Pokémon Sword & Shield for this weekend's Galar Newcomes Online Competition. To check the results you need to go to VS and then into the Battle Stadium feature and check previous competitions. With this, once you have checked your results, you can now receive the 50 BP gift if you go to Mystery Gift and select Get Battle Stadium Rewards

Pokémon Masters - A Special Present Event

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Pokémon Masters

A new patch for Pokémon Masters has been released. This patch adds the details for the next few events as well as the following fixes:
Stops your stat boosts resetting after the opponent uses a Sync Move
Lowered difficulty of existing EX Challenges
Marks Supercourses differently

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