Sunday: Pokémon Masters EX - Extreme Battle Event + Pokémon Battle Master + Pokémon GO - Hisuian Braviary Day

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Pokémon GO

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Pokémon GO - Raid Day

Today marks the Pokémon GO Hisuian Braviary Raid Day, which introduces Hisuian Braviary into the game. On this day, for three hours in each region, Hisuian Braviary will appear in raids at all Gyms in the region, with a higher chance of it being available as Shiny when defeated. This runs at these times:
It runs from 11am to 2pm in your local time.
We have full details in our Hisuian Braviary Raid Day event page

Pokémon Masters - Rocket Execs Assemble

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Pokémon Masters EX - Villain Event

The Battle Hoenn's Best Extreme Battle has begun in Pokémon Masters EX. This event is the Extreme Battle tying in with the Villain Event focused around Hoenn Pokémon. It runs until August 28th.
Alongside this, the Brendan & Latios Poké Fair Scout is now available
We're currently compiling all details in our Ethan's Epic Effort event section

Pokémon Championships

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Pokémon Battle Master

Today is the Pokémon Battle Master competition in Japan. This competition had players need to qualify in both Video Game and TCG circuits in order to enter the finals. In the finals, players must win in both Video Game and TCG in order to win
We have the streams in our Pokémon Battle Master section

Pokémon of the Week - Calyrex

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Who's That Pokémon

Today marks the one-hundred & fourty-first entry into the Generation VIII competitive field with a Galar Pokémon. These entries are created by the visitors for the visitors and then compiled by our writers Psynergy, Jellal, Mestorn, Aminith & Mcdanger. To get involved, Click here for the discussion forum
Today, we are covering a Pokémon introduced in the eighth generation. Calyrex is a merciful Pokémon, capable of providing healing and blessings. It reigned over the Galar region in times of yore. Calyrex is known in legend as a king that ruled over Galar in ancient times. It has the power to cause hearts to mend and plants to spring forth. So, here it is, the one-hundred & fourty-first entry, Calyrex

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