Tuesday: Pokémon Scarlet & Violet - The Teal Mask - Coverage Day 7 + Pokémon Café ReMix

19-09-2023 07:03 BST / 02:03 EDT by Serebii.

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Pokémon: Scarlet & Violet Coverage 1

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Pokémon Scarlet & Violet Coverage Day 5

The Pokémon Scarlet & Violet The Teal Mask is live and our coverage of the game and content is in full swing If you want to remain unspoiled, do not click the spoiler tag, nor visit the Scarlet & Violet section until you have your game. Don't worry as blatant spoilers will NOT be on the home page.
Our Scarlet & Violet Pokédex, Scarlet & Violet Attackdex, Abilitydex, are now updated with all the new details. The New Pokémon and Paldea Pokédex, Pokéarth - Kitakami and Interactive Map and Tera Raid Battles pages are also up to date with all the latest data
Edit @ 10:29: Updated the Paldea and Kitakami Interactive Maps to showcase all the Tera Raid Battle spawn points

Pokémon GO - Psychic Spectacular

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Pokémon GO

The next Pokémon GO event is starting to roll out in Asia Pacific regions. This event is the "Psychic Spectacular" event and features a celebration including the introduction of Shiny Solosis in the game. It runs from 10:00 local time on September 20th to 20:00 local time on September 24th
We are currently compiling details of this event, including the Timed Research, in our Psychic Spectacular event section

Pokémon Café ReMix - Lechonk

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Pokémon Café ReMix

Pokémon Café ReMix has added a returning outfit to the in-game store. Until October 4th 2023, you will be able to purchase a special bundle that includes 14,800 Diamonds as well as the special outfit, Charmander (DJ)

Pokémon Music Collective

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Pokémon Music Collective

The latest and final track in the Pokémon Music Collective music campaign, which has artists from throughout Japan create music pertaining to Pokémon, has been revealed and released on music streaming platforms including Amazon Music in Japan. This song is called Ghost Dive and is by the group Polkadot Stingray. It features various samples including Lavender Town.
A special music video for this song will release at 09:00 UTC tomorrow, September 20th 2023

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