Warlords Power

Like Pokémon who have abilities, each of the Warlords has got a special power known as a Warlords Power. These powers offer a slight boost in battle, allowing for a further advantage.

These powers can only be used once per match meaning you should be strategic as the powers only last a limited time. The powers also change upon the evolution of the Warlords.

Name Japanese Name Effect
Backbone だいこくばしら Increases Crticial Hit Protection & Tension of all allies
Big Kabuki おおかぶき Increases Attack and likelihood of moves causing opponent to flinch
Chaotic Wind こんとんのかぜ Increases movement range, allows for further climbing and may cause opponents to finch
Chest チェスト Raises Attack and lowers Defence of yourself and allies
Comfortable Temperature かいてきおんど Recovers all Pokémon who are Burned or Frozen
Cool Eyes すずしいひとみ Your next attack will hit. Speed Increased
Cool Head れいてつ Cancels the effects of any opponent's Warlords Power
Deep Breath しんこきゅう Prevents recovery for 3 turns
Devil Fang ましょうのキバ Weakens the Attack of all Pokémon owned by a male Warlords
Earnest Hope いちずなおもい Makes all moves hit for 3 turns
Elegant Height ゆうがのきわみ You and neighboring allies recover all HP, BUT..
Encouragement げきれい Increases nearby allies' Attack for 3 turns
Evasive のらりくらり Protects all allies from Critical Hits and Status Effects for 3 turns
Extra Skill おまけじょうず Increases chance of moves having their special effect for 3 turns
Extreme Ambition はてなきやぼう Allows for you to move twice. May make opponents flinch
Fighting Spirit きあい Increases Attack for 3 Turns
Firm Conviction かたいしんねん Increases Defence and protects against Status Conditions
Friendship ゆうじょう Restores the HP of your Pokémon and nearby allies
Full Speed Power ぜんそくりょく Increases Movement Range by 1
Gleaming Bravery きらめくゆうき Increases Attack
Great Ambition おおきなやぼう Allows for you to move twice.
Greed よくばり Makes defeated foes drop two treasure chests
Healing Light いやしのひかり Restores the HP and status of all your Pokémon
Healing Song いやしのうた Recovers HP of all Pokémon on your side
Igniter てんかびと Increaes Attack & Tenion for 3 turns
Igniting Dream てんかのゆめ Maximises tension for 3 turns. Causes opponents to drop two chests when defeated
Impact はくりょく Increases chance of making foes flinch for 3 turns
Kabuki Dance かぶきおどり Increases Attack & Tension of all Pokémon
Leap ちょうやく Allows the Pokémon to climb higher
Lively はつらつ Recovers the Pokémon and nearby allies
Loud Voice おおごえ Recovers all Pokémon who are Asleep or Confused
Love and Justice あいとせいぎ Recovers HP and raises Attack of self and all nearby allies
Love Hunter あいのハンター Increases Attack on Pokémon if there are more female Warlords than male in battle
Man's Resolution おとこのかくご Lowers HP to 1. Increases Attack and Movement Range
Mountain Strength ふうりんかざん Increases Attack & Defense of all Pokémon for 3 turns
Mysterious Pulse ふしぎなはどう All Attacks may confuse the opponent
Nene Ninja Arts ネネにんぽう Avoids all attacks this turn
One-Eyed Dragon どくがんりゅう You and neighboring allies get Movement boosted for 3 turns
Overflowing Bravery あふれるゆうき Increases Attack and allows you to move twice
Rebellious Spirit はんこつしん Greatly increase yours and your neighboring allies' critical hit rate
Refreshed きぶんそうかい Recovers status conditions of nearby Pokémon
Remove Sickness やまいおとし Recovers all Pokémon who are Paralysed or Poisoned
Rogue こあくま Increases Critical Hit ratio, Speed and allows for further climbing
Samurai Spirit もののふのいじ Increases Critical Hit ratio and increases movement range by 2
Scheme さくりゃくか All allies' get protection from critical hits, and speed up for 3 turns
Sharp Intellect するどいずのう Increases Speed. Makes all moves hit for 3 turns
Sharpen とぎすます Increases accuracy
Sharpshoot ねらいうち Guarantees that the next move used by this Pokémon hits
Sight Power めぢから Increases Accuracy for 3 turns
Solid Defense かたいまもり Increases Defence for 3 Turns
Stealth Point しのびのごくい Increases Critical Hit ratio, movement range and allows for further climbing
Strong Union かたいけっそく Increases Defence for self and nearby partners for 3 turns
Surprise Attack きしゅう Increases chance of making foes flinch
Swift Attack そっこう Powers up the next move used by the Pokémon and nearby Partners
Tolerance ほうようりょく Recovers HP and raises Defence of self and all nearby allies
Tomboy Princess おてんばひめ Increases Speed and makes all move possibly cause flinching
Unbendable Spirit おれないこころ Increases Defence for 3 turns
Unequaled てんかむそう Increases Attack & Defence for 4 turns
Voice of Fuujin ふうじんのこえ Increases the Attack & Movement Range of all Pokémon for 1 turn
Voice of Raijin らいじんのこえ Increase all allies' attack and movement for 1 turn
War Hero ぐんしん All members get attack and movement up for 3 turns
Whole Might こんしん Increases Attack
Yamato Nadeshiko やまとなでしこ Increases movement range. Makes all attacks hit for 3 turns
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