Rocket Warehouse FR/LG

3rd Generation

South Exit: Five Isle Meadow
Rocket Warehouse
Team Rocket Grunt HoundourHoundour
Level 49Level 49

Team Rocket Grunt MachopMachopMachoke
Level 48Level 48Level 48

Team Rocket Grunt HypnoHypno
Level 49Level 49

Team Rocket Admin MukArbokVileplume
Level 52Level 53Level 54

Team Rocket Admin GolbatWeezingHoundoom
Level 53Level 54Level 55

Scientist Gideon VoltorbElectrodeMagnemiteMagnetonPorygon
Level 46Level 46Level 46Level 46Level 46


Shiny StoneOn Floor
Rare BoneOn Floor
Soothe BellOn Floor
Dubious DiscOn Floor
Net BallItemfinder
Nest BallItemfinder
TM47Gift from Defeat Boss (Scientist Gioden)
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